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  1. Unless i have missed something, i will add this: you will not go from 20 years NCB [full NCB] to zero NCB, it's a sliding scale. Depending on the policy if found at fault you will go down to 3 years, it isnt that bad either.
  2. if it helps i often tick each box [with pillion, without pillion] during a round of comparisons and i dont recall the price changing due to it. I reckon it only affects the loading/premium [reduces the cost 'without'] for inexperienced riders.
  3. Surely you need to get yourself in front of the beak and get all of these taken into consideration together. I remember a friend getting done multiple times- in the space of a fortnight- many years ago. The magistrates gave him 10 points and a £240 fine + costs. Now the fine will be quite a bit higher, but the principle remains the same.
  4. Your GP cannot discuss anything you speak to them about with anyone outside of a professional setting. You can speak to them in confidence during an appointment or even ask to see another practitioner. If you cannot speak to family or friends [is there not a friend you can confide in?], you should see a GP, your desperation and frustration with life is altering your behaviour and putting your wellbeing and safety at risk. Also there are numerous anonymous welfare lines you can call, most are 24 hours. Google for the area you live in for a number and call them. Honestly it really helps take a load off, until you can make a GP appointment.
  5. I dont condone theft at any time, but it sounds like you are really struggling. The stress of this incident certainly wont help. You need to speak to friends/family/even your GP and get some support.
  6. This is not a dig at the OP, but I am amazed at the number of posts on CAG where someone buys a vehicle spots faults with it on the journey home and does not turn staright around and go back to the stealership. It may be late, it may be a long drive home, it may be that the buyer feels intimidated, but just go straight back.
  7. Since your college course is part-time and unconnected to work, does it not count, as identified above as social/pleasure. It definitely isn't work related, so they cannot use that as their get out.
  8. I've had this - the chinese seller just sending a replacement. It's probably because it costs more to ship and than does to make (believe it or not). They can send a new replacement and still make a profit, for less than it costs to ship the faulty one back to China. The wholesale cost for a generic android phone in China is probably less than a fiver.
  9. I told them (spookily the day before this price rise arrived) that I was leaving them. Got rid of the M package, which is no better than freeview, got a newer modem/router and knocked it down from £43 to £22 (for 6months and then £25). Had they not done this I would have gone to BT who would reinstall my 'normal' line for free. Also not in a contract, so can still walk if needed. They have repeatedly put prices up at way higher than RPI, assuming most will accept. Fight back. Play hardball with them, they are desperate not to lose custom.
  10. Are you sure you have lost all of your No Claims, usually the insurance companies use a sliding scale; so one claim accident, even if pending would knock off 3-years or similar. I would speak to the insurance company as a matter of urgency, as you may have a few years you can still utilise.
  11. Years ago I drove into the back of a taxi in Bolton. I gave the driver my details and next thing I knew I received legal stuff that the car was a right off, he had whiplash etc. Then it all went quiet and so I phoned my insurer, who said he had retracted the claim. I did a little more snooping and it turned out he did not have insurance for a private-hire car [a minicab] and only had SD&P [regular car insurance]. I believe he may have also been subject to sanctions by the local authority for this too. I wonder if this is part of the story.
  12. I'd love to see this rock up in court - a crime number and no history with the bank where funds were deposited; there would only be one outcome.
  13. When did this happen? If the staff in the station were unhelpful, i would have done two things: 1) got a can and filled it up to see if what was sold was dispensed (i carry an empty can so something I could do on the fly). 2) Each pump has a Weights and Measures calibration on it (done by local Trading Standards typically), noted down the number of the calibration number and given them a call. Fobbing you off was pretty unhelpful, so it might still be worth looking on the pump and calling the relevant trading standards. I'd also fire off a letter to Shell, and outline the problem.
  14. I understand you may not want to give them any business now, but if you do try the code autumn25 that worked for me the other day.
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