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  1. I've completed it now Ford, but thank you for the help! It's not such an easy thing to do! It took me much longer than I had anticipated and there is not much information on here to help out. I spent hours looking on here too! The biggest problem was knowing how much you are allowed to claim for petrol, photocopying etc. From the info I did find, I used 40 pence a mile for working out mileage costs and 15 pence per printed sheet of paper; which included the ink. It might be an idea for others who are new to being sued to start a costing file from the word go! It would eventual
  2. Anyone there to help with the above post would be much appreciated
  3. Hi all..........still doing my costs schedule. I thought the best way forward was to go through my files and on paper make a list down one side headed 'time' and then on the right 'headed' disbursements. I have started from receipt of the claim form and worked through to the present day. I have been ridiculously low with the time spent allocated to each time recorded. For example, I have put 2 hours for research, when in fact I could have worked all through an evening until early hours in the morning looking up stuff here, on Google etc. I have now got a long list which I have done on
  4. Thank you for that Ford.....will check through that
  5. Andyorch, thank you so much for that. I will have a look now. Regards
  6. Hi all- have been searching for a link on here for a template for costing. Can anyone help out please, or give some advice on how to go about doing it. Regards
  7. Costing anyone? Is there a template to help people do this on here? I know it is set out in columns. Is it time for one and disbursements in the other and do you have to name every single document/letter on the schedule you produce? Cheers
  8. Hi Ford, I am fine thank you. Hope you are too! I have looked for a solicitor in my area, but consumer credit solicitors are difficult to find, as are barristers in that area! The barrister I had turned out to have little experience in that area. Do you know of any links on here to help me with my costing schedule? Regards
  9. Thanks Ford and Steampowered for the above. I couldn't work with that barrister as he wasn't forthcoming at all. I agree that it's common practice for the payment to be made before they do any work, and quite right too! However, to make your client feel that they should not ask questions or to keep your client in the dark about what he was going to put in their defence, didn't quite sit right with me! Then when you get a telling off for making suggestions as to some points I wanted in the defence, then it was time to call it a day! He was not person centred or user friendly
  10. Wiser......yes, very much so! Nearer success...... Who knows how this will all pan out?
  11. Mould and Ford, you are both a breath of fresh air! Sorry for late response, but hospital yesterday for a procedure and groggy today! I hear what you say Mould and as I have said previously I know you are right to quote s.87 and s.88. Thank you Ford- counsel not prepared to discuss what he might be putting in the amended defence until fee is paid and I am not prepared to pay unless I have some idea of what he will put (cannot afford to waste any more money for nothing). I have made some suggestions, but that just seemed to get his back up and he wants just a 'yes or no' answer to
  12. Interesting last few comments.......but, as I said previously, I have used a barrister once (see #223) etc etc..............
  13. As I have already mentioned mjt2013, I only hired a barrister for the last hearing and I do not know at this point if I can afford to continue to use him! You say you are here to help those who don't have access to a lawyer. You say the advice on here is unaccountable too......so why would your advice/help be any different? I have stretched my resources to get legal advice because of my health issues, but that doesn't mean I am no more entitled as the next person to research, ask questions or seek the help and advice of people with more knowledge that I have on here. Actually, from what I h
  14. Thanks mjt2013......do you really think the advice on here is unaccountable? I hired a barrister for the last hearing but it is not set in stone that he will continue to work with me at this point in time. Obviously I read what others say, but I have also read the relevant law that applies in my case. I cannot change that law-it is what it is! This is what has caused so much confusion for me ie I read the relevant law and although it does apply to my case, I am confused when it is implied that it doesn't! Thank you for your input anyway
  15. Thank you Mould and Ford. I am hoping the law is on my side Mould. I am about to get a draft amended defence together, but my barrister has his own ideas of what this should consist of! He has not shared these ideas with me either as he says he is not sure what will end up in there yet. I have made suggestions as to what I believe should be in it and he doesn't appear to be happy with me when I make suggestions. He is awaiting my go-ahead to draft and of course, his fee upfront, but I am unsure if I would be happy with the result and I cannot afford the fee twice! Are barristers in
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