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  1. Thanks it was. I didn't post at the time as I didn't know whether to accept or not. The cheque arrived a week before the court case. It was for the full amount + court costs + interest but it also came with a letter to sign to say basically that I wouldn't claim anymore from them. Caro was wonderful as usual with advice and wanted me to go to court and tell the Judge that I would accept except for the conditions letter. After checking, there was hardly anything more to claim and after weighing up various other factors I chickened out of going to court and accepted the cheque but haven't signed the letter.
  2. Enjoy your money it's well deserved. Just going to hijack your thread to say what a star Caro is, I have only just seen that her house was flooded yesterday yet she still found time to send a long pm to me with advice. She has been such a valuable help to us all.
  3. Congratulations. Did they ask you to sign a letter containing various conditions to their settlement of your claim please?
  4. Congratulations. Did they ask you to sign a letter stating various conditions please?
  5. That's brilliant news and well done to your wife.
  6. Look further down the threads for the ones with WON on the end. Yes they are the worst bank to deal with.
  7. Thanks for that. I presume it's "secondly, a fall in penalty fees as a result of increased charges and changed customer behaviour"
  8. Just phoned the court and no bundle received. They have said I can add to my bundle as long as they receive this by 14.06.06 this Thursday. So I need your input guys on the above post. Have printed off the NAB transcript but just need to know the relevant section to highlight. Thanks all.
  9. Caro Have you anything more for me please? Am going to send the "NAB admit penalties are charges" to add to my court bundle (have just posted a query on that thread if anyone can help) plus uptodate charges plus interest to date of letter. Should I mention that I haven't yet received their bundle? Am going to ring Court at 10 am when they open to ask if they have had anything too and also to check first if it is ok to add to the court bundle.
  10. Do I need to send the full transcript for the court bundle or is there a significant part that I can copy and paste please?
  11. Thanks Caro I won't be sending anything until early next week. No problem Stevie to send T&C's but could you pm me an email address please. Hope by sending any additional items it may gee YB up to settle. What happened with Nervous by the way?
  12. My court date is 21st of this month and I have sent in my court bundle. Can I add to this? For instance I have seen the thread "NAB admit to their charges being penalties" and would like to add this to my court bundle plus Moss has kindly said he will email me some T&Cs and so I'd like to add these also.
  13. Small world mines 2.30 at Doncaster. No offence Stevieg08 but I hope we don't meet lol.
  14. Thanks for the quick reply. OK my court date is two weeks today so I'll not do anything just yet. Don't want her to be reminded I think.
  15. For the benefit of those of us with court dates shortly, could I ask what you did to make them pay up. I am going to ring the court this morning to see if they have received YB court bundle and, if not, am going to fax Ms Ross personally to ask where it is. Any tips on wording fax appreciated. I bet you feel on top of the world today.
  16. Don't forget to take some water with the wine tonight oh heck why bother the hangover will be worth it. Well done.
  17. See thread me v yb they have had a letter from Sutcliffes too.
  18. Just got back and heard the good news. Looking forward to hearing more later. Crack open that bottle!!!
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