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  1. My big concern is the insurance co has basically washed their hands of it as I initially responded with my own 'defence' , now I need to get them on side but how? They have already said I may be liable for any 'additional legal costs ' so helps to know solicitor costs are limited in small claims court so cant run away . As I said the insurance company were corresponding with the claimant for some months without my knowledge and not sure if they are just bluffing me as they wont put their position in writing - its an easy get out for them as I expect it says in the policy to pass ever
  2. Yes its small claims court . Rather not name the parties unless it important The people chasing me are : 'Accident Claims Specialists, Dedicated To Recovering Your Lossses, dedicated to the recovery of losses resulting from accidents.' So not solicitors , must take some kind of fee , however the bill the very inflated so may be that s where they make there margin The claimant is very large public owned transport entity : , but even though they are the named claimant the firm above are requesting payment made to them . Initially I thought it might be a [problem] but he insuran
  3. Hello , I am named defendant as my insured car caused damage to fixed traffic kit. I have little chance of winning case at hearing other than disputing some of the costs. I do not wish to have a CCJ in may name due to knock on effects (financial) and I don't trust the insurance co to pay off CCJ within the normal 30 days etc to clear my name/debt. At present my insurance company will not respond to the claimant (aggressive no win no fee agent) while court action is in progress and that I decided to defend it . The reason I defended it I was not sure if the claimant was a sham but
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