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  1. @comebackjimmy If its council tax owed if he earned a so/so pay or doesn't work , No longer in the property dwp wont pay same with rent if claims benefit at the time , Also worth looking as councils / data protection act would stop some bailiffs asking
  2. STEPCHARGE wots that if you no iv herd of a charge that goes to the victims it made no sence to me lol Check on Gov.uk/ alot of help advice so they say , or if its a C.Tax theres some ways on first choice about debt paying or cant i can give the link if would help , But its only the high court rits its whos name on it
  3. i could be but witch part am i wrong on ? as them that knock on for tv licence arnt even bailiffs they dont have any powers even when they say im guna causion "anything you do can & will be used lol The warrants they contact police INCASE THE PERSON KICKS OFF but its a dirty trick ,
  4. As anybody had a ttalk or sky or any owed debt Sold on by chance ? I think i may of bin pranked or words used to scare no numb id , im not sure the firms name i just wanted ask ......

  5. Pls anybody that has had anybody at the door bout tv licence get your fone start video record ...... pls look at the videos youtube.com search bbc bafoons or licence theres a legal way to get them of your back , the 3day job a worker is highest paid but nobody nos wot she dos ,During covid thousands canceled it & payments , The videos worth the watch , it even tells you wot company is used to get 28% ,Few months ago bbc asked goverment for 5% raise to cover how much woz lost , Even stating over 65s would be fair game its DISGUSTING DISTURBING .......Good Luck hope ok i put this ere i wozt sure YOU DONT NEED DEAL WITH BALIFFS
  6. after using talktalk for 12mths they didt disconnect me december woz my last month april i woz still connected now they expect me pay £168 ??

  7. I rang so many time from oct 2013 more the 1s a week evry wk i emailed ova 12times i hate that they give there name n ext numb PROMICE TO RETURN A CALL then dont ! I cant even get a managers name i sent a recorded complaint letter they didt take it seriously they shud get BIG FINES im talking them small claims court
  8. I got myself a tv nowt fancy logic make the same day I got it I noticed a volume problam I ad no way of getting back to the store £15 in a taxi I rang up to b told I cudt change it I rang of a mobile asked wud they ring me back my credit ad gone 2s I rang n my credit went wen I finally got through sum guy in technical dep sed it woz my aerial I new it wozt all 12mhts iv rang complained 2s theyv tryed fixing it the faults still there iv prooved its not my aerial yet its not good enough they mite as well of gave me a blank garantee FOR ALL THE GOOD THAT DID ME it turns out I bought a faulty tv
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