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  1. We done an income and expenditure which showed be can pay the arrears over the term of the mortgage. judge agreed it was fine......also said if we get into difficulties in the future and mortgage company won’t listen, we should go back to court and he’d do his best to amend it for us.
  2. Hi, Thanks for responding. Yes sold on after we went to court, went to Engage about 2 months after in 2013. All was well until my son became very very ill late 2015.
  3. Hi everyone, Can anyone please offer any advice? My family have got into horrendous financial difficulties in the last 3.5 years. My 3 year old son was diagnosed with leukaemia, I have been his carer and my husband is self employed. Money has been very very tight and we got into serious mortgage arrears. Last September Engage Credit announced they were taking us to court, although we were trying to sort out repayments with the help of Shelter. All our proposals(as advised by Shelter) were rejected. We kept telling Engage we couldn’t increase the contractual mortgage payment to address the arrears until April when our son finally finished his treatment. the judge ordered us to pay a sum on top of the CMI starting on 31.12.18. We were unable to pay it although we have continued making full mortgage payments via direct debit on the day it’s due. We had to complete a financial statement last week and submit it to the court. Life has improved somewhat and we are now in a position to pay the arrears off within the remaining term of the mortgage. The statement shows this. We are back in court on Tuesday and I’m scared that the fact we were unable to pay the extra over the last few months will most definitely not be in our favour. Please can anyone give me any practical advice? Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, Don't faint....Had a call from GE Money today. They have looked into my complaint and listened in on the previous calls and have apologised to me!!! So we have done an income and expend and they have accepted the promised half payment at the end of the month. Set for one month only with the court order being reset for the following month. I have obviously requested this in writing. Surprised very much I must admit!!
  5. Thanks for your response. I know exactly what you mean. I've finally been able to relax with regard to the mortgage, so I don't want to go down that horrible road again. I've posted the letter this morning. I've also spoken to the cab, shelter and the law centre. They all said that GE would have a massive problem justifying any more court action. So we will see. Thanks for your help
  6. Hello, He's accrued enough holiday for a week, hence we could pay the half instalment. They have to have certain holidays in December and have to keep hols for that. It's in the contract.
  7. Thanks so much. I will get it printed and posted as per your instruction. No, no payment due until the end of the month; end of July was paid in full inc £250 arrears payment.
  8. Hi Ellen, Thanks for your response. Yes pls can I have help with a letter? It's very appreciated.
  9. Hello, Just wanted to pick anyone's brains.... As you know we went to court and had a order to pay £250 over our cmi. We have been doing this fine and not missed a payment. My husband is due into hospital next week to have a much needed operation and will be off work for 6 weeks approx. I have kept GE informed since June knowing this was coming. I've had 3 separate conversations with them, all saying the same thing. Not to worry, they will do income and expend and providing we can pay half the cmi, because it's a short term health issue, we can catch up. I've just called to do this and have been told that they can't vary the court order. If we don't make the full payment, the eviction will likely be enforced. My husband will be on sick pay of £87 a week. Can I go back to court myself? It's only August and September. GE are such hard work!! Can any of you offer anything to the above? I'm so worried about being dragged back to court, I haven't slept all night. My husband has said he won't have the op, but was told last month, that if he didn't, he wouldn't be able to walk at all in the future. I have spoken to shelter and off to the cab today. Please anyone? The plan was, to pay half the cmi in August and September, then resume the full cmi plus £250 off the arrears in October. I know there would be a shortfall of one months cmi plus £250, but we thought we could pay slightly extra to make up the shortfall. I was told that as it was a court order, GE could not change it. I'm so confused, none of the reps say the same. Forgot to say we were also offered £3000 off of the dreaded ge charges (not the full amount) could we use that as a payment? I'm also talking to the Law Centre today. Thanks everyone.
  10. Hello... Yes all ok, suspended order. GE didn't turn up. The judge found an email from Simply Law accepting our offer. The same offer I made in October!! Thanks so much for all your help and support, I will donate this week. And thanks to Shelter who were fab xx
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