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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone. I have wrote back to the catalogue's using the advice given and received this reply today; "Unfortunately, we don't have any further advice as this is a Financial Services query and we do not have the training or facilities to deal with this part of the account. I have spoken to our Arrears and they have advised that their only method of contact is telephone and that if you are unable to call them, then we can pass them your number and they would call you. If you would like us to arrange this, please let us know the preferred phone number.
  2. Hi everyone! I currently have 4 catalogue accounts with the Home Direct Group (Littlewoods, Woolworths, Isme and Very) and due to a recent change in circumstances am unable to make my usual payments. I have emailed all 4 catalogue's explaining my situation, offering them a token payment and explaining that I would like interest and charges frozen as well as a review of my circumstances in 6 months time. I also mentioned that I would like to keep all correspondence via email or letter (So that I have proof of what has been said). I have received emails back from a
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