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  1. I have an unexpected day off.from.carig for my grandad today so im going to write this letter to ke nys. Is there anything in particular I should say any pointers would be great. X
  2. I will thank you this group ia brilliant you all deserve a medal xx
  3. Im home and still have a roof over my head . Judge went my way but only just. I have togo back in three month with the payslips and an upto date inc epxen form ( with my wage ) Thank ypu to everyone for ypur help I quired the charges but judge said well the wi chatge them if there is arrears so dont k ow what i can do about them x
  4. I will thank you 1hour 15 mins and I will have a result
  5. I have two chldren that live with me in full time education aged 17& 19 both girls
  6. I will thank you. I actually got.it wrong I can offer 100 a month extra . but I will stress that they are adding fees. Its not going to be the same judge he told.me.last wednesday it wouldnt be him. The expected date of my payments are the first of the month . My new job starts 25th november and the next pay day is december 15th as I wont have my carers allowance and income support after that i will have to live off the child tax and child benefit until working tax is sorted and my first wage so I may not be able to make a full if any payment till the 15th S
  7. Thank you got the income expend form all filled out went throught civil law organisation . He has done a realy good letter which I can email to someone if you would like to see that. Ive got a letter that says I had a fee added in december 2012. He man from shelter has asked kenys for a full statement of fees to be presented I had the hearing last wednesday after puttig he n244 form in. The judge susspended it until tomorrow so I could gather evidence of my new job valuaton income expen and proof of potential buyers. He judge was gping to give me two weeks but
  8. I have got no idea how muh the costs are the letter shelter have drafted up mentions the job my income expend form and the fees added. I have just recieved this months statement from them showing a fee. I wouldnt have much to pay toward it £100 roughly once I get my income support then I dnt get my wages when I start untill the 15th november .. Im currently on interest only which I asked for myself they accepted that . I have been told about kensignton being unfair and seen the article above before. Court hearig is at 10am it was suspended last wed for me to gather i
  9. Thank you 13yrs 8 months left on the mortgage firat order granted january 2012 missed the twenty pound but later made that up. Ive justrealised I missed a payment Iin december but was makig it up in december but was to late by then. Second warrant an suspension was this feb for the mrs application. Shelter have sent a letter stating things for me if you would like it sending I would be happy to forward this. I have my valuation a letter from kensington which also states an arrwars fee whih in the first heaig they were told to stop . Have my job acceptance Witness letter She
  10. Thank u I realised after posting it was in wrong place also tried to correct spelling mistakes
  11. Hi thanks for sorting my account activation. I have a mortagae with kensngton and have £12k arrears . My morygage is £75.000. I had a susspended warrant granted In 2012 and ended up back in court after I paid £50 late. Kensington and the judge agreed to susspend this feb following a mrs applicaton processint. Before I left court kensingtin solicitor told me. i didnt have to pay my mortgage until I appeared back in court if the mrs application failed. Took me by suprise so I double checked she said the judge didnt menton payents so you dont need to. I heard not
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