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  1. Remember being told when i got £1000 that he 'wasnt allowed to do £1000 as one loan' so had to sign 2 separate loans at 500 each clearly was just a money making scheme, there were no questions about why I even needed/wanted the money. I guess if was just a case of lending out as much as possible as the more you lend the more profit can be made
  2. Hi SP I do recall agent moaning about all the new forms they had to fill out but for me all what happened was a very very brief conversation - how much rent do you pay, i cant evdn recall being asked about exiating debts. Nor do i recall being given a copy of the form he filled out. As for paying off existing loans - no... all loans barring the april 2012 one still have outstanding balances so none of the borrowed money went towards paying anything off. I feel very embarrased about being so stupid but when you have a gambling problem and you 'need' money its very easy to take wh
  3. That would be just short of £900 for me. I can clearly see why their trying to sweep the whole matter under the carpet. Just hope it all kicks off and they are forced to relook into the whole mess!
  4. Im just seeing things in very simple terms they made a profit out of me on at least the one occasion... 100% sure more than once but thats another kettle of fish... so on this one occasion (the active loan) i shouldnt just get £105 wiped off I should get REPAID the interest ive paid so far that i shouldnt have been charged on the loan that they themselves admit shouldnt have been granted
  5. It shouldnt be a lottery as to whether you benefitted a little or lot depending on the dates involved. I feel like im moaning a lot now lol Just when you think it through logically its so unfair at least with the ppi scandal it was a lot more straightforward and black and white
  6. I have no idea mate.... the media needs to put sone pressure on them?? Or FCA need to get involved again?? Wonga wont pay unless they are forced to
  7. That is a very fair point.. and to be fair they were taken out before I got embroiled in payday lender debts. I suppose ive only myself to blame for decisions made but I think lending without credit checks isnt good business practice.
  8. Person A takes out £500 loan on 20 August with repayment date of 31 August. They cant pay on time so go on a repayment plan with first payment due 31 Aug ... They make a smallish repayment on that date followed by another on 30 September.. New ruling 2 October means they get the WHOLE debt paid off.. Essentially they get given FREE money ! Person B [me] is 300+ days in arrears and has paid off ALL of principal payment plus majority of interest but only gets a small debt written off.... I should at the very least get back the interest that I shoulnt have paid in the first place!!
  9. Theres clearly a lot of grey areas. They should make it either black or white and just take a hit on the money its gonna cost them. Small claims court????
  10. Its not fair at all... they admit they did wrong and have written off £105 that i had left to pay but they should have actually paid me back all of the intetest that I had ALREADY paid back over the last few months.
  11. At the end of the day they gained a profit from xxx amount of customers who were granted loans that shouldnt have been granted. They should pay back the interest (profit) that they gained on all of those loans. They wouldnt go bankrupt as im guessing 90% were loans that were granted legitimantly and they would have made hundreds of millions from those loans. No requirements of any payback on those loans of course.... I was with them 2 years and was talking loans out vitually every month. I doubt all were accepted when they shouldnt have been but alarm bells should have been ringing w
  12. Its clearly not fair is it... isnt there any other authority that can pay the money back. I got PPI back from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (welcome finance had gone bust so got money back through the scheme)
  13. But did their intentions get pre-approval from the fca? I suspect thats the compromise they came to thing is i cant understand why the countless other loan companies arent forced to do the same?? im on a repayment plan with paydayuk paying 20 a month for another 8 months - im pretty sure that should be written off if they were forced to do the same as wonga
  14. I actually dont think they are paying any money out to customers... Their just writing off 230 million (think that was roughly the figure) of collectable money
  15. Yes i completely agree with that.... they would owe me at least a couple of grand in interest payments. Cant imagine they would refund tho... they would owe millions upon millions to god knows how many people!
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