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  1. Since the incident, I bought a ticket. I was asked do I have a valid ticket, and I replied no. Most other questions where about personal details. I was not asked why I didnt have one or if I would buy one.
  2. How should I go about writing the letter? Should I state that I pursue a career in the Police? Also, where would I find the address?
  3. Which would be the best way doing this? Email, letter, phone call?
  4. Yes. I just don't want to go to court or have a caution on my record.
  5. My only worry is that she told me that I may get a caution. I am on a policing course at uni and this would ruin my chances of joining the Police.
  6. I was in a rush in the morning and didnt get a ticket. I was cautioned, gave details which where checked but no paperwork received.
  7. Today I was stopped when I left the station without a ticket. I was travelling from Station A to Station B. I am 19 and am a student. The last thing I would want it a criminal record! I just have to wait for the letter now. What should I expect, and is there anything I can do in the mean time. Thanks
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