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  1. Who would you send a SAR to the OC or the debt collection company who bought the debt? I have a feeling that perhaps my agreement is non compliant as the credit card in question was not asked for at the time it was received, but given as a cheque guarantee card that also could be used as a credit card, although maybe I am wrong in this train of thought!
  2. Thank you for being so clear with your answers - I am understanding things a little more now. The default will be on my account for 6 years come 2016. Does that mean after then it will be taken off my credit file, or will I have to write to Cabot or the OC (I take OC to mean orignal company?) asking them to remove the entry?
  3. Thank you for explaining that to me, it is now clearer! I have previously requested a CCA and was told that they do not have one!
  4. Thanks for replying I just received an email from CAG telling me about this case, with a link to the thread and I tried to read and understand the previous posts. However, I'm afraid it's all double dutch to me. So thank you for your answer.
  5. So does this mean if Cabot say "Your credit agreement is currently unenforceable which means we are not permitted to obtain a judgement or decree against you in court" because they do not have a CCA can I now write to them and ask them to take the default off my credit file? Thanks
  6. Thank you once again.
  7. I do not want to say too much on here as its a public forum. I was not asking about the whys etc of the case with this woman, I will leave that to the court if she takes the matter forward. What I was asking about was human rights to a fair hearing, which you have kindly answered in your first reply. Yes I do have a receipt for the cash and its for the same sum as the cheque and I did not profit from events. ASC is the association that was running the events that this woman attended. I was not a money mule and have taken legal advice on the matter. As I said the advice I was wanting on here, was regarding my human rights.
  8. No I don't owe them money. As I said I was acting as an agent for this money and passed it on to the Asc I took the money for. The woman received the 'considerations' that had been agreed by and from the ASC. The only reason I had the cheque in the first place was because the ASC had not yet opened a bank account. The woman entered into an agreement with me to cash the cheque and pass the monies on to the ASC, which I did.
  9. I was checking my credit file. I have a default on my file by the TSB dated 2010 and saying satisfied and that the debt was assigned to Cabot. There is also a default by cabot dated 2010 also they update this every month. I have been in contact with cabot who can not prove the debt. I had been paying £5 a month to the TSB by agreement, but when cabot bought the debt and could not provide me with a cca I stopped paying the £5 to TSB. I have not heard from cabot since. What I wanted to know is how long does this all stay on my credit file? and can Cabot put on a default when the TSB had one on for the same debt and also cabot don't have a cca. Many thanks
  10. Hello A woman took my husband to the small claims court for a cheque that she had made payable to me. At the second hearing the judge or sheriff (I'm not really sure what they are called) threw the case out as the case should have been brought against me. He then went on to explain to the woman that she should take a small claims out against me as it was me that she wrote the cheque out to. He then said it was me that was liable for the cheque, (even though I was acting as an agent for this cheque) and that if the woman takes out a small claims against me he would probably make a judgment in her favor. What I want to know is have my human rights been violated in this case, as the judge/sheriff has not afforded me the chance to put my case across and would not let me explain about the cheque and told this woman to take a claim out against me and she will probably win. I am now receiving abusive letters from this woman stating that as the judge/sheriff said it was me that was liable, she wants her money back. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.
  11. I had to reduce payments in 2004 with the TSB which was agreed, but nothing is shown on my noodle report. Cabot is shown on my noodle report as a default in 2010 and then every month since then there is a"d" by cabot, which I assume means default. I still pay £5 every month to TSB, which was the amount agreed in 2004.
  12. No the TSB did not note it on the CRA file, only Cabot has noted a default on the file. They do this every month. I am checking Noodle.
  13. 2004 was when I could not afford the repayments and I contacted TSB and started to repay the £5 per month.
  14. They have the date of default as 2010 cabot have put that on but the actual date of default was 2004. There is nothing on from TSB.
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