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  1. Sorry to reply so late. Yes, they paid out with interest from the day if the accident and the claim cost, which altogether was £145.00 more than what we were asking for !
  2. Hi everyone, I like to say a big thanks, to you all for your support. I can confirm that it pays to be determine and focus. The payment cleared in full with interest and court charges today. It was a long time but the outcome is worth it. regards Hasbot.
  3. thank you, i hope they realised your point. I am searching and looking at similar issues and see how to respond to that email. reards hasbot
  4. hi Everyone, thank you for all your contributions. To update and seek more advice please. The insurance company wrote back to me "Please note if it is your intention to pursue a claim from our insured then you must establish that our insured has been negligent or in some way failed in a duty of care." I have pictures, the manager was there, the franchisee phoned me and apologised. Apart from these, I have nothing else. Can anyone shed a light? regards Hasbot
  5. thank you. I had the franchisee 's insurance email, so i did included them in the emailed and i hand delivered the letter to the store today. I will send another one recorded and ensure it's signed for. thanks regards Hasbot
  6. it ripped off my wipers from the connector or motor, damaged the back fittings including the plate lights from their connectors too. i have a rover 75. i wish now i had let the insurance people deal with it, i got worried because they were going to take the car away, i had no courtesy cover and I had to give the £500 excess until they claim it back for me. i don't have that insurance company anymore. my advice now to anyone will be GIVE IT UP TO THE INSURANCE COMPANY. they have more power and resources. thanks Hasbot
  7. Thanks. Please more ideas please! I sent them an email of letter of Action yesterday and I will also hand deliver one tomorrow , I gave them 30 days respond and I leave for further 10days before filling out a small claim count adding my cost as well! Do you guys think is a good idea! Should I put Shell on it as well!
  8. thanks. just found one! will keep you posted! regards Has
  9. hi Andy Thanks. Where do I get letter before action from? regards Abbey
  10. i am going to look again but there was a plate on the wall to the entrance of the car wash last year but can not recall what its says. I do have photos and his manager came out and filled in an Accident form, which i took a photo of? Is this helpful? regard Has
  11. Help, My car front and back was damaged by a Shell Garage drive car wash last year. My child was in the car, till this day he refused to drive into a car wash. I found out later that it was a franchisee site. I spoke to the franchisee last year whom assured me that it will be sorted by his insurance company so I did not put a claim through my car insurance. The franchisee has now denial the responsiblity and the insurance company has said no to our claim. I contacted the main Shell customer services and they also said is to do with the franchisee. They gave me his legal trading name in c
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