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  1. Perhaps re-reading the post would help you, firstly I hold my hands up to the insurance deficiency, " my fault, end of story". Secondly I am not looking "to get one over the system", I am simply questioning how they can seize my vehicle and caution me with driving with no insurance at 22:30 when at that time I was no longer carrying out deliveries and was simply buying milk at a shop, my fully comp insurance does entitle me that little luxury. Finally if you are going to aim comments at people regarding (unwanted in any case) sympathy I suggest you refrain from po
  2. Hi, I was stopped by the police on Saturday night and hit with driving with no business insurance and the car was seized. I have had business insurance for the past 12 years but having changed jobs it was no longer required, however since then I have done a few shifts at the local Chinese takeaway, Due to various reasons it never crossed my mind that I needed to update the insurance..... my fault, end of story. However my concern is this, I had been doing deliveries earlier in the evening, but for the past hour before being stopped, I had actually only been
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