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  1. Thanks for the reply! Mine hasnt been showing at all this year?? I'll not worry too much about it x
  2. Hi all I am still waiting on the CCA and statement coming from Capital One (through Lowell) but I am still no further forward as to why the data is not on my credit file (both Experian and Equifax). I've had a look on other forums but no one seems to have an answer. I am pretty sure I took the credit card out in 2007/2008. I had debts on my credit file from before then but no sign of this Capital One. Any ideas of who I can contact about this? Not sure if it makes any difference or not, I'm just curious. Cheers Anne
  3. Good evening all Just looking for a little advice. Husbands car was repossessed last October. He had only made 14 payments towards the car and due to personal circumstances could not afford to continue making payments. He hadn't paid 1/3 of the car off so wasn't able to hand it back to them and terminate the agreement. The car was removed from a street away from our home. No paperwork regarding this. They never had the keys, didn't discuss it us, we had the log book etc. We managed to trace the car and were able to remove personal items before it was sold at auction. I am just curious and want to know if MotoNovo would have needed a court order to remove the car or if they were correct in removing it from the street without prior discussion. Many thanks Anne
  4. Thanks very much for the advice, its very helpful I am going to contact them to arrange payments, don't want to be in the position of any court action! Thanks Anne
  5. I have assumed they are? I went through my credit file recently and wrote down all my debt, when I defaulted, amount owed etc so I can finally get a grip of things and the cap one is the only one missing. Its not been on my credit file at all this year and to be honest I can't remember if it was on last year. So I don't know how much I owed when I defaulted (or the date I defaulted). I know I was paying Cap Quest £30 a month for a good while then stopped. I have requested a copy of statement with CCA request and Lowell has sent this off to Captial One. I'll have a good look when I receive it through. Anne
  6. Thanks for the reply! I am pretty sure I defaulted with cap one at least 3 years ago but can't confirm as can't find it on credit file. I know I was paying Cap Quest money every month (about 2 years ago I think) and then it was passed about. Lowell got in touch this year and I started paying them. Currently waiting for CCA request to be dealt with. I just find it strange its not showing up at all anywhere, I owe about £4k. Many thanks Anne
  7. Thanks for the reply Scott Thats what I thought and I had come across the Govan Law Centre post but read so many different posts with different views! Many thanks Anne
  8. Hi all I have debt with Capital One which I am currently paying through Lowell. This debt does not show on my credit file and I was wondering why that would be. I have checked Equifax and Experian and its not on either of them. Just curious! Many thanks Anne
  9. Hi all I'm sure this question has been asked many many times but I can't find a definitive answer so thought I would ask myself. I received a letter from Moon Beever Solicitors in relation to a pay day loan (£201). They have advised if I dont contact them they will apply to Northampton County Court to arrest my wages. My question is can they do this through an English court or does it have to be done in a Scottish Court as I am domiciled in Scotland (always have been)? I seem to be finding conflicting info so thought I would ask. I am going to contact them but just wanted to know for my own information. Many thanks
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