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  1. I sent Lending Stream a stroppy email stating that i will cancel the CPA and that if they do not reply to new email accepting or rejecting the new offer that i would report them to OFT - and they soon called and we have come to an agreement. Now to just reach agreements with Pounds2Pocket and QuickQuid who seem to never reply.
  2. Ok thanks. I have spoken to my bank using the online chat and it is easy to cancel the CPA so I will call them tomorrow to do this as this is the only way. Hopefully Lending Stream will get back to me tomorrow regarding my re-offer. Will keep you posted. Thanks for your help
  3. Ok i have resent them an email and hopefully they will reply. My only worry is that this will not be resolved by the 29th Nov 2013 which is my repayment date. In that case what should i do? Also by forcing them down the postal order method will this hinder my credit profile? Thanks
  4. I have told them i cannot afford it. I have shown them an income and expenditure form as well and still wont accept my offer. I'm not sure what else i can do. I am trying to clear off my debt asap whilst not damage my credit profile too badly. They say the longest repayment term they can offer is 8 months which is not long enough for me to clear off my debt and therefore wont accept my offer. Any help would be much appreciated?
  5. Hi, I am having a problem with Lending Stream. I have made them an offer of £25 a month for the first 4 months and then to review it and up the amount after that. By that time i would have cleared off two other creditors leaving me with more money. They will not accept. They will only call to discuss and never reply to emails. On the phone they said they could only accept a minimum of £150 a month repayment which i cannot obviously afford. Has anyone got any advice? Thanks
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