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  1. I had a minor accident a couple of weeks ago and my insurance company rang up on Tuesday to request a conference call with DVLA. During the call the DVLA suggested I ring them back which I did. They informed me that my licence had been revoked since 1998. I knew nothing of this. I asked why. They said that I had not sent it in for an endorsement to be added but could not tell me what endorsement as their records don't go back that far. They also cannot supply me with copies of the letters they say they sent me requesting my licence as their records don't go back that far. I told them that I can remember a policeman knocking on the door years ago saying he had been sent by the DVLA and asking to see my licence. I showed it to him and he said it was fine and left. I asked why this problem had not shown up when the police had stopped me a few years ago and done a PCN check on me. They said that was strange! They have told me to apply for a new licence which I have done but I cant drive in the meantime and I am now concerned that my insurance company will find out, cancel my insurance and charge me for all of the costs of the accident. I do not know what is going on. What should I do?
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