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  1. I only got the letter Friday when home late so not contacted them yet. Looking for any advice from here first before I do. I can only assume it's because I don't show up on their system anywhere before 2003 and their chasing people for the Poll Tax. I've also found out today that Glasgow City Council are only able to access records up to 14years.
  2. Hi everyone new to the site so please accept apologies if this is posted in wrong thread. I've a potential issue regrading Council Tax in Glasgow. Last year I became a full time mature student (40+) and applied and got an exemption for Council Tax. At the end of that year I realized I was in Credit. I phoned Glasgow City Council to ask for this back. Whilst on the phone they ran some liability check and it came back clear and they put the credit back into my bank account. Last month I had to again put in anther exemption form as I'd been working and paying C
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