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  1. Just one question before I fire off my appeal letter. The NTK I got was the first I knew about the PCN. So if I saw no ticket on my car, should I ask the PPC for photographic evidence in my appeal letter? Or should I wait for my POPLA appeal and then the PPC will have to submit it to POPLA as part of their evidence. Please advise on which way round would be best
  2. So where do I go from here? I've seen that others have appealed to the PPC and been rejected then are strung through POPLA. Or should I just ignore any further "invoices" from them?
  3. It's UK CPS. They are BPA registered. I don't have a PCN as there wasn't one attached to my car. I do have a NTK and this was the first I heard about the PCN. According to the NTK, the reason I was given a PCN was for being "observed without a valid permit or authority" Like I say, it may be been that the permit fell down from the dash/windscreen so was not on display. But how can I be expected to check my car every 5 minutes to make sure that the permit is still there?! Where I'm confused is that because of the signs, they say that a contract is being made by me
  4. Dear All, I'm a new user here and I have read many threads in the forums about various scenarios, but have not been able to find a response to my circumstances so I'm hoping someone can help here. I live in a block of flats which has a car park with an allocated space for each flat. I am renting my flat and the allocated car parking space is part of the lease. The car park is gated and requires a security code for entry. We are required to display permits in our cars. There are signs up around the car park. I was sent a NTK in the post telling me about a PCN I got
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