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  1. It says July (sorry didn't want to have to much on it to link back to me should anyone unscrupulous be looking!) So just wait until July and make sure Equifax remove it?
  2. I've not done a credit check report before. I've done one with both Experian and Equifax. No real issues on Experian. Equifax however are listing Natwest as a default from quite some time ago. This loan was dropped after numerous agencies came after me and I was told they were unable to find the Credit Agreement. I would have thought this would stop anything like the pic attached shows? Any guidance on how to sort this issue out would be much appreciated!
  3. I sent one of the template letters from that link, excuse me being thick CQ, SOC?
  4. Reposted the picture as requested although done a different way as I couldn't find the attachment option. I simply told them I had been encouraged to sign up[ for the PPI to be accepted for the loan. That I wouldn't normally take PPI on and haven't with any other credit due tot he security of my job. Miffed they chinned me off, I still need to have them for screwing my account up and get charges back.
  5. So I sent off a letter to get the PPI payments back and finally received a letter: Not what I'd hoped Where do I go now with this? I also need to reclaim charges they applied after screwing up the account as have never missed minimum payments. Although they did something to the account which took it over its limit Cheers in advance for any help.
  6. There has been movement! I received a nice amount of paperwork from Santander, hopefully I can now move forward with this! This first pic is just the introductory letter Second is Credit Agreement, so I'm guessing I can skip chucking a cca request at them. Thing with this though is I've noticed I seem to have signed for Account Protection I'm still going to have a crack at a PPI claim though. There was no reason for me to take it out at the time due to my job being extremely secure. Hence why none of my other loans/cards have any form of PPI on Third is what the bulk of paperwork is Fourth seems to be a general summary of charges (this has a few pages) Advice on what to do now would be welcome. What am I adding up etc etc Once again help is appreciated!
  7. I have continued to pay the minimum, my question was really in regards to paying what they say is outstanding even though they have caused it. Minimum payments as I have said have never been missed. It's just for some reason the minimum stopped being enough to keep the account under control, I'm guessing due them messing with the apr or some such.
  8. Just after some clarification. I'm still awaiting information in regards to my sars request. Santander are still sending letters out asking for the amount the account is over by. Obviously as far as I'm concerned they have caused this as I have never missed any minimum payments.. as such as far as I'm concerned the account is in dispute. Can I ask them to freeze the account until this dispute has been sorted? Or do I pay the amount outstanding and then claim it back along with the ppi and interest once I calculate things when and if I receive the sars information?
  9. So basically your advising I should pay off the outstanding amount?
  10. Nothing received in relation to SAR's request however received another letter off them demanding the outstanding Advice on what to do, can I request they freeze the account until things are dealt with?
  11. Just a short update: Nothing returned as of yet I am however looking forward to taking this as far as possible Game on Santander.. game on...
  12. Thanks Had a friend just take a look at the statements I linked and here's what he said curious as to why it reduced! Never asked them to and haven't been in touch with them since the account opened as never needed to!
  13. Ok I'll send off the SAR first and wait for a return on that then do the other stuff you suggested. Excuse me for asking a a stupid question, attachments you've sent me? Where am I looking for them? Cheers in advance!
  14. Cheers ims21 had a read. I'm thinking it's best to start of with a preliminary letter to them? Before going down the route of CCA, SAR would this be wise? I've got the latest statement which goes back to 2010, managed to create a pdf minus account references Could someone have a look at it for me? Account from what I can tell was reducing Aug 2010 (albeit slowly) and then for some reason the payments I made were not enough? Must be down to charges, I just don't know what changed with the account! https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B6yns6G1hh4xMTFjMDliNTgtZDUzMC00Yzk3LTk5NTktZmZjZDVkNjAyNTc2 https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B6yns6G1hh4xOTA2NGJiNTMtNzIwZS00OGI1LWFhYTYtNTUxNjI5ZWQ0NGE1 Links will open to google docs! Would be looking to reclaim account cover as don't remember asking for it, at the time I opened it my job was more secure than most so tended not to take it on accounts
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