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  1. Thanks. Satellite was my thinking too but as you say its not cheap. Trying to see if I can force BT to do something first rather than just give up. Just trying to find out if BT can just get out of contract just like that.
  2. Thanks. I will try the CEO of BT but don't expect to get anywhere. The view seems to be money will only be spent if there is a profit in it so as equipment wears out in rural areas - tough. No mobile signal here either.
  3. Back to original question. Can BT just cancel broadband because it is too difficult / expensive to repair the line?
  4. Hi, based in Shetalnd near the village of Walls. Very near the end of the line and that's why I'm guessing they don't want to fix the line - not cost effective for them.
  5. BT have provided us internet for the last 5 years. It is a slow connection (0.5->1.0Mb/s) because we live 5 miles from the exchange. These speeds we have always accepted as we live in a rural area. In the last few months the internet keeps dropping out and slowing to 50Kb/s. At this speed the internet becomes all but unuseable. BT can fix this temporarly by "resetting profile" at exchange but problem always takes several days to resolve then comes back again in 2-3 days. Now they are saying line has degraded and they will not repair the line and offer to terminate my service. This woul
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