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  1. Do I need my previous letters? I need to dig them out
  2. I must remember just not to sign my signature on the letters
  3. Okey. I’ve never dealt with these bottom feeders before. So would not have ever given my address to them. I challenged the previous DCA back in 2007/2008 after metropolitan sold the debt to them even though we had an agreement in place. After asking for a signed agreement they just sent me letter s every month/then every 6months then yearly to say they are in the process of finding my agreement until then the account is status barred. I then stopped receiving the letters. TBH this is well over 8 years now. I send the letter recorded delivery.
  4. Do I really need to? Can I not just ignore the letter.
  5. Nope. Just that we not reached a mutual agreement and someone will be in contact. Already told original DC I do not wish be be contacted by phone.
  6. I was getting the letters from MSC DC to say we are still looking for the original signed agreement and will be in touch. Clearly they have nothing
  7. Long story short. HSBC loan 2001 -went into repayment with debt collector 2005 -get call from a different debt collector collector 2007 - I question the debt and contact CAG -asked for original application signed by me - account went to statute barred. Not heard a thing for around 6 + years. Today letter from Cabot/ruthbridge saying we have not come to a mutual agreement. Never heard of them in the past. My account as far as I’m aware is status barred. Am I right?
  8. It’s was 79-80 on the speedometer as long as that’s not considered speeds, he is hoping that nothing will happen
  9. Shown to friend the replies. He says the police car was behind him not 20m away. He moved into the inside lane (Car in inside lane was 20m behind) so friend move into that lane (did not indicate) Then all the cars in the outside lane started to pull into the inside lane. To note there were cars Infront on inside lane so the cars further in front of him had to pull into smaller available gaps. Does that make sense
  10. I hope that is what was clocked even though it’s still above the 70
  11. I let them know and fingers crossed. They been driving for 8 years. Never been done for speeding. Hope they can avoid the 3 points and can do the driver awareness course. I guess this would be band A penalty?
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