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  1. Hi all. I had trouble with 1st stop loan company and was taken to court. I received papers and filled in everything I needed to. I sent in copies of emails I had sent them which they said I didn't respond to but I proved I had. I also sent to court my I&e from stepchange which I'm currently with. I've had no trouble from any other debts apart from these. I received judgement of order and have been made to pay the loan amount which is fair enough but then the court costs and other costs. Have to pay it by 12 August which is impossible! I can't believe the court has seen all my I&e and other documents I sent but sided with a payday loan company. What can I do? I cannot pay this at all in the short time expected
  2. Just out of curiosity, is it worth contacting 1st stop to try and come to some agreement or best to wait?
  3. I have all forms for stepchange etc with my finances on and willing to show courts all this an emails I've sent to 1st stop if needs be.
  4. I will fill the form in and accept mediation as reading other similar posts this seems the best option.
  5. Hi, yes I accepted part of the claim but not for the extra £450 they added on. I don't have the forms with me at the moment but I did fill in an I&e form and sent it off to the courts. It clearly did show them exactly what it is I pay out and any arrears with priority debts. I told them I'm going through a dmp at the moment too. The first letter I got from the courts stated I bottowed £300 and hadn't paid on the date which it was meant to be. The amount they were claiming I owe is for £461. I was given options of what I wanted to do and didn't feel right accepting liability for this amount. I never denied or tried to get out of paying it but I couldn't come to any agreement with them
  6. I have all expenditure forms from stepchange with everything I owe and pay out. All done correctly by them, surely they won't show themselves up in a court and end up getting less than they want? What would be the logic in them doing that? Isn't that wasting time for a court when it could of been settled before that an a plan in place when I contacted them yet they wouldn't listen to me. It's barmy! Thanks for help, very much appreciated
  7. The from of the letter says:- take notice that 1. This is now a defended claim 2. The defendant has filed a defence, a copy of which is enclosed. (A copy of which is enclosed is crossed out with a black pen) 3.it appear that this case is suitable for small claims track. If you believe that this track is not the appropriate track for the claim you must complete box C1 on the small claims questionnaire and file it with the court office and serve copies on all parties. What does serve copies on all parties mean? Then second sheet is the questionnaire about mediation/settlement. What happens at mediation? Do I have to turn up at a court? I near no where near Northampton court! Thanks in advance
  8. So you think it be best I go through mediation and see what comes off that? What if I put an amount I know is affordable for me but they don't accept it and want more. What happens then?
  9. Reading other things on here I was going to accept mediation. They usually go through a debt company first or so I thought, but seems they gone straight to courts! Im going through a dmp at the moment with stepchange and everything going well. I've had no hassle from anyone at all but this went to court before they starting dealing with my debt. 1st stop told me they also don't deal with 3rd party and also they think they are classed as a priority debt! Which they are not. Just don't want them going to court and me having an attachment of earning which results in too much money being took and affecting my priority bills.
  10. I'm not savvy with scanning and all that stuff. I can type out what the letter says if that's any use to you?
  11. There is no defence given from them, nothing at all. It has a line through the bit which says defence enclosed. When I filled my defence but in I said I had tried to come to some agreement a nd that I felt they were using a court as a debt collection. I explained that adding £££'s on would make my situation worse not better. I'm going to ring the court on Monday and ask why the there is no defence included.
  12. Hi thanks for your reply. Sorry to sound thick but what does POC mean?
  13. Hi all, could I have some advice please. I received a letter about a payday loan I had with 1st stop. I didn't agree with the amount they were claiming I owe them so I admitted to some but not the ££££'s they added on. Received a letter from court today "notice of proposed allocation to the small claims track". The defendant has filed a defence. There is an option of going through mediation or attending a hearing. I have long before this tried to come to some sort of agreement with them but they are arrogant people and I don't have the patience to listen to them It says if I don't comply with the notice the court will make an order as it appears to be appropriate. Striking out or entering judgement. I'm worried they will get a judgement and strip my wages to pay the debt back. Can anyone advise me of the best possible action to take. I have till march 10th to get this form filled in and sent back. Thanks in advance.
  14. I can also add money to it using my members card via pay point which is handy and safe! Savings and Christmas club. Will also only allow what you can afford and because I'm an employer they can check that I'm in receipt of what wages I say I am. Paying over a longer period of time is so much better. I wish I had discovered this a long time ago
  15. It's a company who iv worked for for 13 years so I know what I'm entering into with so much information given to me from my employer. I'm also saving with them what I can and got free life insurance too. Excellent! More people joking these, the less people will need to apply for payday loans with massive APR and the hassle of repaying.
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