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  1. I only found out about the meeting because a member here e-mailed me about it. I have also since received the e-mail containing the liquidators report and am glad to see my name as a creditor but what is strange and as is for most of the creditors on the list there are no contact details. That might explain why so few were informed about the meeting but how can that be ? Surely before holding the meeting the liquidators would have took stock and collated contact details of creditors and not just a persons name. Looking at the list I consider myself quite fortunate some were owed several hundre
  2. I never received a letter regarding the creditors meeting, I only found out by chance because I received an e-mail from another member. I find this strange especially as I took them to a small claims court for non payment of my phone and of course judgement went in my favour because they failed to respond. The liquidators have sent me a form to complete proving that money is owed, I just hope I still have all of the e-mails I received from C4P whereby they were confirmed in writing they have not paid me yet.
  3. Not sure if I am leading you up the garden path but if anyone is a member of the site Linked In, you can search for companies. If you search for Cash4phones it return's a number of people who have worked with or for them but some to my surprise are actually overseas too. Might be worth trying to contact some of the staff and see if they have info to add... .Never know you might come across just the one who was upset at loosing their job and looking for a bit of revenge. Having read all of the other posts, you don't have to be a genius to work out this was a [prob
  4. I really don't think you should judge peoples lack of interest just because they are not going to the meeting. For many of us the distance to travel will be too far, too costly and not possible due to family or work commitments. You also have to take stock that many of us would not be experienced enough or confident enough to sit on a committee. Instead you would be far better passing judgement on the governing bodies who are there to supposedly protect consumers from becoming victims of such [problem]s. What has the law, trading standards and even the police done about
  5. No I have not reported it to the police nor trading standards. I know for a fact the police wont be interested or do anything and if trading standards have not done anything by now then whats the point anyway.
  6. I have since tried to get my money using MCOL, they have not responded to the claim and so have now sent the claim for judgement. Pretty sure this is another waste of £25 as I gather even if I win the judgement nobody has nay power to make Cash4phones pay.. So what is the point in even using MCOL ????? At the end of the day they have deceived me and stolen my phone from me, why then cant the be sent for trial and sent to prison. Until the laws change in this country there will always be another **** bag out to make a quick easy busk for themselves.
  7. I filed a claim using MCOL as per the advice on this website mid November, they have not responded at all and I have now requested judgement. No doubt this will be a waste of a further £25 as I gather even if I was successful in my claim there are no powers to ensure payment is made.It does not matter how many consumers complain, as long as the law of the land lets such people get away with action like this there will always be someone making a quick easy buck and someone else on the losing end.The owner(s) in my mind have stolen my phone from me as well as many others and for this alone they
  8. Hi,Looks like I am another victim of this scandalous company. I was quoted £74 for my Sony Ericson Xperia Arc phone. It spent its entire life in a soft silicone case and protected by a screen guard. The phone was in immaculate condition. I sent the phone plus all accessories in the original box it came it by special delivery to their address.Several days later I received an e-mail advising my phone failed its test due to excessive wear and tear. Instead they were only prepared to offer £29.60.I tried telephoning them but they have removed their telephone number from their website. I googled it
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