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  1. I think there may be some confusion on my part. I posted the two letters to p2ps, recorded delivery, as I understood that was what was needed. I electronically returned my other document with my acknowledgement to the court and they emailed confirmation it had been received. I've not yet been able to get confirmation from the French Post as to when the letters were received, but I'm sure they would have been in time. Sorry this is proving messy.
  2. A phone call to the court has confirmed that judgement was awarded. So where does this leave me? On an aside, I think it's pretty shocking that I have been sent somebody's personal info and that they possibly have mine.
  3. The plot thickens... I re -read their letter and it said a copy of the judgement was attached (I hadn't fully digested this first time around) so I figured, well that's it. It's official. But on closer inspection the attached judgment is for somebody else!! Different name, different case number, different amount. A genuine clerical error or a rouse to pressure me? As yet I have not been able to reach the court to get the official status of the case.
  4. Actually no. It's only been them saying that it was awarded. They wouldn't make it up up would they!? Wow. That's sly!!! The court have my current address but I've had nothing from them, however, I will contact them tomorrow and ask.
  5. I followed your instructions from 10th, but I think the deadline was missed due to the postal delay. Their letter states judgement was obtained on 24th but I'm sure they must have received my response before then. It was sent recorded so I hope to be able to get confirmation of that. Forgive me, I really appreciate you taking your time to help me but I'm finding this pretty overwhelming. Thanks.
  6. I have received confirmation this week from them that they have obtained the ccj. Is that the end of the road for me? Do I have any other course of action open to me?
  7. Wonderful! I await their response
  8. Ahh. I see what you mean. So their response to my 77/78 request could prove pivotal, right? Thanks again, Andy
  9. Ok. Is That a cause for concern?
  10. Is this what you need to see?
  11. Thaïs brilliant! Thanks very much for your guidance. Will report back with progress
  12. Thanks Andy A phone call has confirmed they have not attained judgement at this moment. I'm pleased that you think I can defend it easily... But how? Thank you
  13. Thank you Andy, So I'm hoping that I can contest jurisdiction. Is that the right route for me to go? What happens next? Really appreciating all the help
  14. Yes. Three attachments. Schedule of lenders Loan conditions Zopa principles
  15. Dated 15th September Against claimants solicitor it says N/A
  16. Is this what you need? :- Brief details of claim The Defendant entered into agreements ("the Agreements") with lenders (the Lenders") for the loan of sums of money. The Lenders, who have Assigned their rights to P2PS and the amount of money that each lent is set out in Schedule 1 attached hereto. All of the Agreements contained the same terms a copy of which is set out in Schedule 2 attached hereto.'
  17. Well, reading the paperwork again I think you're right. There is a long list of names of ppl with cash amounts next to them. So if Zopa still have the claim and haven't sold it on is that a good thing? Where in the bundled paperwork would I find out for sure?
  18. Sorry and thanks. I figured the debt section was the right place but I'm new here. I have no idea if I could dispute it. This is all new to me and quite a shock. At the moment I'm just feeling overwhelmed, but I'm willing to listen to any help and suggestions.
  19. Ok. I will acknowledge it straight away. If I've understood it correctly I can do that online so that's good. The unanswered questions - do you mean things that I should know about this claim? For instance, how would I know if it was sold on? And what charges could be reclaimed? I know about ppi (which we declined), but I don't know about any other unfair charges. Thanks again for taking the time to help me.
  20. I think it's a company called P2PS Limited. So I'm guessing that means it was sold on as up till now I had never heard of them. The loan was Zopa originally. They are now claiming just shy of £1700 We didn't take insurance, but I have no idea if there are charges that can be reclaimed. Sorry to be vague.
  21. Hi Thanks for your speedy response No they didn't know about change of address, it slipped under the radar due to an oversight on my part. The debt is a small loan over five years that has about a year left on it. Prior to leaving England it had been 100% up to date with no late payments.
  22. I have just received a form N1 claim (CCJ) on behalf ofZopa for £1, 500. My husband and I are now living in France, no longer UK resident, this claim has come out of theblue, sent to our old UKaddress. In the year we have been here we have found it difficult to organisemoney and banking. We are notfinancially able to pay it off, due to my husband being out of work, but do not want to shirk our responsibilities.We are up against a deadline due to them not having our overseas address. I feelreally concerned and worried about this. We are very much in the dark as to howto respond at such short notice. Should we phone/email or have we time to fillout the form and send it back to them? Is there any advice on the bestimmediate course of action?
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