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  1. What baffles me slightly is how the insurers would know if I used the tickets anyway after a year is up. Would Disney divulge information about usage of tickets to the insurance company. Or is the insurance company merely trying to push off paying up.
  2. Hi, Many thanks for your replies. The problem I have with those tickets is that they are the mini tickets (essentially off peak) which means they are named tickets, so will need id verification. They are not valid during the summer holidays and weekends. I had bought those for the weekdays surrounding the Easter weekend when they would have been valid. There is no way of surrendering the tickets sensibly because these are pdf print at home tickets.
  3. Hi All, I am after some advice about this. Recently we had to cancel a trip to Paris including Euro Disney because of my son's illness. I have worldwide travel insurance through Natwest's Select Platinum account and the insurance is underwritten by UK Insurance limited. My claim consists of flight tickets, hotel bookings and Disney Park Entry tickets (all non refundable). The insurance company asked for cancellation invoices for all the bookings and a form filled by our GP. I have submitted cancellation invoices for the flights and hotels and also the GP form. When I called Disney, they said that they don't cancel any tickets (as they are park entry only, not clubbed with any Disney hotels) and hence can't provide a cancellation invoice. Now the tickets for Disney are valid for a year from the date of booking but for me the trip is cancelled and it is highly unlikely that we may be able to go and reuse the tickets. The insurance company are saying that they will not pay out for tickets until a full year has passed and they are able to check with Disney that the tickets have not been used. I feel it is slightly unfair to have to wait for a year to get that money. I have raised a complaint and mentioned the word 'Ombudsman'. The policy document only states that 'they will not pay for any expenses that can be recovered from elsewhere'. There is no mention of 'used at a later point in time'. Where do I stand with this. I will appreciate any advice from knowledgeable members of this forum.
  4. Hi All, I bought a used car (02 reg) with 124k miles on the clock in November 2013 - it was described as perfect in every way with full main dealer service history. Car was driving very well. It broke down last week and had to recovered to my local independent for the brand. They have now confirmed that the fuel pump needs changing. I have tried contacting the dealer (works from home) several times on his mobile - that is the only contact for him - no answer. He is one person but has a proper company registered (googled him) and had given me a proper receipt when I bought. I paid via direct bank transfer. I have now sent a letter to him by recorded delivery worded as at the bottom of this post. Now the independent garage have kindly agreed to hold on to the car till I give the green signal to fix it. I do need the car for work. I can manage a week or so with public transport. Now if the dealer does not respond within 7 days, I intend to pursue the matter. But can I get it repaired after the 7 days and claim the cost instead on the premise that I did give him the opportunity to put things right but he didn't. Thanks very much in anticipation. ******************* Dear ****, RE: Faulty goods and the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) On 16th November 2013 I bought a ***** (registration number *****) from you for **** which broke down on 14th January 2014. I have had to use my recovery company (*****) to recover the car to my local ***** Specialist ****** (based at ******). They have now confirmed that the problem is that the fuel pump in the car is faulty and needs replacing. The Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) states that when a consumer buys goods from a trader they must be: as described; of a satisfactory quality; and fit for any purpose made known at the time of sale to the seller. This legislation also states that the seller, not the manufacturer, is legally obliged to sort out a problem if the goods do not meet these requirements. The Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) says: if goods break within the first six months after purchase then there is a presumption the goods were faulty when sold. The car was not of satisfactory quality when sold to me and I wish to claim a repair (of satisfactory quality) of the car under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 as amended. Please respond to my complaint within 7 days from receipt of this letter. If you need to speak to me, my number is ******. If you need to speak to the dealer, please ring them on ******* and ask to speak to ******. Yours faithfully, [your name] *******************
  5. Just to add as well that the warranty paperwork says that to the best of the dealer's knowledge he has checked that the car is roadworthy, mechanically sound and a pre delivery inspection has been carried out. It is signed and stamped by the dealer. Does that make my position stronger in any way?
  6. Now they are offering £130 out of the £280 paid for the warranty and have said they will not discuss any further. I feel ripped off - I need the money to be able to buy another car. If I take the formal route it will mean a delay in getting my money and hassle because of that as I won't be able to buy a car. If I don't accept and take the formal route, how long can it take? Also is there a guarantee that I will get the full warranty money back. Or is it the time to say that I accept the £150 loss and move on. Can I take the offer that they are giving me and then pursue later for the remaining warranty money?
  7. Hi All, This is my first post here - so please be gentle if I do anything wrong . I am in a bit of a distress situation here. I bought a used car (2003 model) with 102k miles just over a month back for £6700 from a used car dealer who are not local to me. They are a well established business. They also sold us a used car warranty for £280 from a third party company. The car drove fine on the test drive and the car was described as outstanding on autotrader and their website (I have a printout). We bought the car and drove it back. Next morning, the car failed to start. The dealer asked me to take it to a specialist for the brand but not the main dealer and agreed to pay the cost of repair. I got my recovery company to take the car to the local specialist. The specialist thought some adjustment of a component fixed it and they said it needed a new battery - the seller paid the £300 or so bill. Got the car back home and next day morning again failed to start. The seller was frustrated and agreed to have it looked at the main dealers local to me which he arranged. I got my recovery company to tow it to the main dealer. After 2 weeks, the main dealer says that they might have found the problem and it will cost about £1400 to fix but they can't guarantee it. Based on this the seller has said that they can't risk it and has agreed to take the car back and refund the cost of the car. But they are willing to refund only £100 out of the warranty cost. Now I have also been insuring the car for this time and paid for it. I have had to spend a lot of money in taxi fares because I haven't had a car. The car has nearly £100 worth of fuel that I put in. I will happily agree if they pay the cost of the car and the warranty in full but they are being very difficult. Infact they have been difficult all through. Even though they have arranged things, it was only through incessant pestering. I called local trading standards about this and they said the consequential costs like warranty, insurance etc, will depend on a judge's decision if it is not resolved earlier. Any thoughts on where this might go? One other point - the car had a personalised number plate which the previous owner was retaining. The seller said that they had sent the V5 to DVLA to get it back to an 03 plate and would send the new V5 to me soon. More than a month later, the V5 still hasn't arrived. Can anyone advice on what I should do. I am left here feeling very frustrated that I have not had 1 mile worth of use of the car and my money is stuck. Thanks in anticipation for any help - will be much appreciated.
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