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  1. That's what i thought. I will give them a ring on Monday.
  2. I am trying to do a JSA rapid reclaim online but after answering the first few questions im told i live in a Universal Credit postcode area and to click on the start now link to apply if you live in an eligable area. Do i simply go through and fill out the Universal Credit questions to do a Jsa rapid reclaim?
  3. Thanks Mr. P I will file the letter away.I am not claiming Council Tax Relief/Housing benefit. I am probably going to sign back on next week. Surely Antone is correct in that i can not be sanctioned for not attending a MWA placement at 11am when i signed off at 9am the same day?
  4. I got a letter in the post this morning from Pinnacle people saying " As you did not start your Mandatory Work Placement activity you are no longer required to attend. If you are still looking for work you should report back to Jobcentre Plus. Is this just a standard letter they send out or have they reported me to the Jobcentre telling them i never turned up?
  5. I was meant to start my MWA at 11am on Tuesday but due to a family member being taken ill i had to sign off at 9am the same day as i wasnt/wont be job searching for the next few weeks.I'm just wondering if i will be sanctioned for not turning up to start my MWA the same day as i signed off? The women on the phone when i closed my claim down said i wouldnt and that the MWA provider would be told that i signed off.
  6. You could always tell them your mobile is broken and no longer working and as you are on benefits you do not have the money to replace it.They took my mobile number off their system after i told them that.I got fed up with the constant phonecalls especially when they phoned me 5 times in about half an hour just to tell me about a job they wanted to put me forward for.
  7. Similar thing happened to me when i signed on today.First attempt matched my signature by 69%. I had to do it again.The staff in my local jobcentre are already fed up with it and apparently earlier in the week they couldn't get people to sign electronically as it wasn't working.
  8. If you are talking about jobs you have applied for yourself then no then the jobcentre can not contact them.If the jobcentre gave you the job to apply for then yes they can contact the company to find out if you applied for the job.
  9. Yeah i have heard about the above.Sounds great.Some people i know are already doing some of the above.They see an adviser once a week.A couple of other people i know have had to do litter picking in the local area.
  10. I reckon i will probably reclaim JSA in around a months time.I only have about 5 weeks left on the Work programme thankfully.
  11. Damn i better put the bucket away then:-) I expect a polite get off my property would suffice.
  12. I know they are desperate for information but surely even the Work Programme providers wouldn't turn up at somebodys house.Turn up at mine and they will get a bucket of water over their head.
  13. The press would have a field day if they found out that that had actually happened.I was just checking as i don't want Maximus to raise some sort of doubt against me when i have to sign back on although i don't have much time left on the Work programme.I'm just over thinking it.
  14. I thought that might be the reason.Now that i have had my claim closed i take it i do not have to answer phone calls or emails from them?
  15. I signed off by phone this morning at 9am and they closed my claim whilst i was on the phone.Now that i have signed off i take it i no longer have to answer any calls or emails from my Work programme provider? The Job Centre sent a message to them telling them my claim has closed.The Work Programme has phoned my phone just now and sent me an email saying urgent please call me.I sent them an email saying the following. Just to let you know in case you do not already.I signed off Jsa this morning and i am no longer claiming any benefits.This is for personnel reasons.Please do not contact me by phone.I do not know when or if i will be signing back on at any point.
  16. IL send the Work Programme an email as soon as i sign off telling them i have signed off.I have a feeling they can see on their system when somebody has signed off. I am fairly certain i am in one of the areas(The Thames Valley)where Universal Credit is not being being rolled out.Well for the time being at least.
  17. Probably another silly question bus as soon as i sign off do i have to tell the Work Programme or do the jobcentre tell them?
  18. Some body on here will probably confirm this but i am fairly certain you will have no problem claiming JSA as you are being made redundant.
  19. Btw when i do sign back on do i have to go back to my Work Programme provider? I only have about 2 months left there.
  20. Yeah i have looked into the above.Im only claiming JSA.No other benefits.It shouldn't be very long that i am away (No more than a month) but i am fairly lucky that i have enough money to last a spell without JSA.
  21. Iv got a personnel reason that means i need to sign off JSA for a short period of time.A family friend who lives abroad is ill and i will proberly have to over there. Can i sign back on at any time after i sign off or do i have to wait a certain amount of time E.G 3 months? Can i also sign off by phone or do i have to visit my local jobcentre. Im also on the Work Programme.Would i have to notify them as well?
  22. Yeah i have done that course as well.Pointless and you wont learn anything.Thankfully it was only 5 days.
  23. Just gave the jobcentre a call.They couldn't see any changes.The claim is still open with no sanctions.The women i spoke said the text may be confirming the JSA28 form i filed in but couldn't say for definite.
  24. I got 2 texts from the DWP about half 9 tonight saying the following. We have received your change of circumstances to your JSA claim.You do not need to contact us. We have actioned your change of circumstances to your JSA.You do not need to contact us. The thing is i have not made any changes to my JSA claim in months.I am still signing on every 2 weeks and attending the Work Programme.I did fill out and hand a JSA28 form in to the jobcentre but that was 2 weeks ago.
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