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  1. thank you for that insight........so, if for example I offer to do you a horoscope reading, a tarot reading, a crystal ball reading or a send me your tea leaf reading (I know we all use bags lol) and I say "tall dark stranger" and you meet a blonde midget (no offence to short people intended) that you know, you cant say "i wont my money back because your reading didn't work for me".....ist that the bottom line as far as digital content under consumer rights act 2015?
  2. in this article is a line "but many in the content industry argue that digital content is anything that can be published" if I have something written for me personally and emailed to me is that published? it cant be downloaded as it is only delivered to my in box and doesn't exist anywhere else
  3. thanks for that but I'm still not clear. if I go to a site and request an astrological horoscope reading, one that's personal to me not one based on generic birth month, or I go to a online psychic and request they carry out a psychic reading for me, when they do this can I say "i don't agree with that I want a refund" the point being is this digital content or a personalised product based on the persons opinion, insight, vison, belief etc.... ...I don't get which it is
  4. what exactly does digital media of content mean? suppose someone asks for something that I email to them, is that digital content? supposing I order a psychic or tarot reading on line (whether people agree to such things or not) and I get it, read it and later it turns out to not be true. ..is that digital content if the site says for entertainment purposes only. if I order racing tips from a tipster online, he emails them to me and they don't win ...is that digital content? any insight to this would be a great help:???:
  5. hi, I don't know if this will be read, but they have already repaired it once and that made it worse
  6. the supplier thinks they can reduce the refund offered on my chair because the cat scratch it. the chair was reported as faulty within 6 weeks, it was repaired but this made it worse and unusable. we reported this to the supplier the day the repair was carried out and they agreed to collect it but say they wont refund the full amount as its after 30 days, its been used and has some marks on it
  7. Am I right in my understanding of the consumer rights act 2015 that within 6 months and after one repair attempt that made matters worse, I am entitled to a refund and as it’s not a car I am entitled to a refund in full… ..what about wear and tear? The act says “(10)No deduction may be made if the final right to reject is exercised in the first 6 months (see subsection (11)), unless— (a)the goods consist of a motor vehicle, or (b)the goods are of a description specified by order made by the Secretary of State by statutory instrument.” As this is a chai
  8. problem wit poss charge back was we brought the bed for our son on a business card by mistake (no not a doggy expenses claim just the card that was in my wallet at the time) so not sure how we stand on that. manufacturer just says will send out replacement part again until our 12 month warranty period. its also worth noting with regards to what these people in case anyone comes across this thread whilst trying to research these people, the pervious company corban direct had a compulsory winding up in place. direct corban trading as direct bedroom at one point had a winding up order that was su
  9. my thoughts exactly! even more interesting is the lady who was once a director , Nicola Davis, who resigned started "her own " business called Next Day Furniture Ltd also cropped up at the crook street address....it has an active proposal to strike off...crook street by name what by nature we ask
  10. thans for qualifying that. the registered office doesn't receive mail addressed to the company either. have six failed delivery notices on royal mail recorded deliver tracking and return to sender as un deliverable. just had a look and the web site http://www.directbedroom.co.uk is down
  11. bed was purchased last year. as you can see from the history above dx100uk said "and id issue the claim against the directors in actual name" and now you say do not name the directors individually so what does "directors in actual name" mean?
  12. Hi, was recently advised on here that if in doubt I should issue proceedings against the directors in name of a company I am having problems with,,,,can I do that and if so how? The issue is with a company trading as direct bedroom . when we purchased from them they were called DIRECT CORBAN UK LIMITED company number 08184443. Now they have changed their name to THE E-TAIL GROUP LIMITED with the same directors etc. what I want to know is should I serv on the old company name, the new company name, the trading name or the directors in name. The company originally was called CORBAN DIRECT LIM
  13. thanks for the advice. what i am curious about is that corban direct traded as direct bedroom at least a couple of years before the current direct bedroom website was created but i dont know from what web site.....its purely academic and not relevant to my current situation as the receipt shows Direct Corban UK Ltd which changed its name to The E-tail Group Ltd, still trading as Direct Bedroom
  14. thanks for the info, i have got that info but what i don't know is what web site they used before, when they were corban direct ltd
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