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  1. My case detail has been changing a lot recently, further dependants/shared care, income all have meant changes, so its been very unstable and no consistency over monthly payments. Shared Care has proved the most problematic though. I have a contact order at great expense to me as my ex was stopping me from seeing my son. She knew that restricting my access would keep me below the 104 nights a year. I am sending evidence into the CSA to prove via timetable of care/court orders and other evidence that it is beyond 104 nights a year, she still disputes this!! How do the CSA decide whose evid
  2. Been paying through CSA for 5 years now as the NRP. I am a father of a one boy who lives with his mum. The question I have is "Is there any legislation out there dictates how payments should be made"? Reason for asking is my case has had so many changes recently that the amount kept changing. This made DD and SO really difficult. The last 5 monthly payments I have made on time via the phone with my card. Today the CSA called to say that they didnt have my payment. I am able to confirm via bank statements that it left my account 1/10/13. They said because they hadnt received it then
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