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  1. Morning Shoelover, I csn't remember now the full details of the Court case, it must have been 25yrs ago, or even more, The man had taken early retirement with a small pension from his works, it was only a few pounds a week, and he never declared it. But then when he reached 65 it came out into the open, by this time his few pounds a week had left him overpaid in benefits by a few thousand. I think if he'd just held his hands up and said he hadn't understood the system, and was sorry. He may have got off more lightly. But i did feel sorry for him and tried to argue that others, like Politicians were taking a lot more out of the system than they were due. I can't remember exactly, but he was sent to jail.
  2. When i applied for PC, i did it by phone. The woman asked about pensions and i told her, but i told her i couldn't claim them for another couple of years. She said ok and declare them on your next form. So they do know. I knew they couldn't be hidden 'cos years ago i was on jury duty and this old man hadn't declared his pension, but eventually it came out, he pleaded not guilty. I felt sorry for him and tried to argue his case, but even i knew he was in the wrong, and eventually the Judge accepted a majority decision.
  3. Thanks Halfman, There seems something unfair about the fact that someone who never saved will get the full pension, and if you did it ends up costing you £50+ a week. It seems maybe now, while there's plenty of time i should ask for 25%, and get some home improvements done, perhaps a new kitchen. Then at least in a couple of years time i'll have a smaller pension pot to declare. I wouldn't mind but the two pensions i have from two different banks, i feel i was forced to take out. Both times i'd gone the bank for a loan, neither refused me, but both said if i start a pension with them 'head office' would look at my application more favourably. I felt both twisted my arm.
  4. Afternoon People, The last time i used this site i was on the Working Programme and Ingeus was making my life hell. With the help i received here i managed to get through it and have now gone onto Pension Credit. I'm 63, 64 next April . What i've wondering is what will happen when i reach 65, the State Pension age, will my payments be changed again. I'd been paying into two small private pensions which i stopped paying years ago, i think they total a bit over £18k at the moment, i've not withdrawn anything from them yet. I knew PC was income related and didn't want money in the bank which could have stopped me claiming. So what my question is, if the Standard Pension at 65 isn't income related ?????? Am i better waiting until then to make a withdrawl, or withdraw 25% now to spend before i need to fill another form in, and perhaps have to send copies of my bank statements ? And if i did withdraw 25% now, could i get the other 75% after i was 65 ? Thanks.
  5. Well i'm home. My feet are killing me, walking round and round and not one offer But don't despair, i try and remain optimistic and cheerful. It didn't work last time we had a 29th Feb, or the time before that. I'll put my sign safely away until the next time. God loves a tryer, i'm not giving up.
  6. What was it that Winnie the Pooh said, you can't just sit in your own corner of the forest. You've got to get out there. Well i thought 'cos today is Feb 29th when traditionally ladies are allowed to propose. I've made myself a sign to hang around my neck, and i'm going to be walking around town all day. Well hopefully it's not going to take all day........ .... Take a chance on me, ready house trained. .....I'm available, i'll say yes. Do you have any Feb 29th stories ? Did you or someone you know propose or perhaps you were proposed to. Or perhaps you have a Feb 29th birthday in the family, how do you celebrate.
  7. I always thought Welfare Rights were a bit like CaB and volunteers, but the last time i used them was over two years ago after having an Atos medical, then going to a sort of tribunial where there was 3/4 people sitting almost like Judges. A guy from Welfare Rights came with me to speak on my behalf. Unfortunately i only got 9pts and needed 15, so needed to go to sign for Jsa. The Welfare guy told me he was the manager and it was his paid job, i think some of the others may be volunteers. Their offices are within our Council housing off. So i presume their funded in some way by the Council. http://www.getconnected.org.uk/get-help/search-results/prescot-and-whiston-community-advice-centre/
  8. Hi Ivor, Welcome to CaG, I started a similar thread to yours a couple of weeks ................ Can Ingeuus do this to me? I've had loads of good advice on there. My Providor, Ingeus are saying come for mandatory meeting even though i've sent a doctors note into the JC. I went to our local CAB this morning who phoned both the Esa people and Ingeus 'cos she agreed with the people from here that i couldn't be made to go. At first they were insisting it was mandatory but after she quoted the law to them, changed their minds saying it was only voluntary, and this appointment they've given me is only an informal chat to say what happens if my Esa claim comes through. In the end the CaB lady said she thought i should go but not take any hassle off them, now that the CaB have spoken to them they'll be less inclined to start bullying me into something that isn't right, they know the Cab will come back again now that they have all my details. When she spoke to Esa they were surprised i'd been asked back to the Work Programme and confirmed my claim was being processed.
  9. I've been having a surf collecting any ammunition that maybe helpful if i do have to go back into Ingeus, and found this. I don't suppose it's of much help. but it's interesting reading.......... How much they get paid for me being there and it they get me off benefits. https://www.city.ac.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0008/165194/Martyn-Rosser-seminar.pdf Scroll down past ... About Ingeus Uk Operations The WP, key principles Value for money Then we come to fees.
  10. Hi, I've been into our local Welfare Rights office this morning just to clarify whether i could write to Ingeus and not go to the appointment they've given me for the 2nd, 'cos the doctors note doesn't run out until the 12th, but they said i still need to go. I told the woman this morning i felt i was getting harassed and bullied just 'cos i'd turned an interview down. She said if they wanted, as unfair as it seems, they can make you go to the WP every day. I've made another appointment with my Gp for later this week.
  11. Morning People, I've had a letter this morning from Ingeus telling me when i need to go in there next. The note i got from my Gp for a month was on the 12th, so taking me to 12 March Letter says..... This letter contains the details of your next appointment. We look forward to seeing you again and continuing to support you to find the right job. Your appointment will be Wed 2nd March. Actions to be completed ahead of your next appointment. Appointment with steps to work advisor to discuss transition to ESA. Please ensure you bring evidence to show you have completed the above activity to your next appointment where applicable. This is a mandatory appointment. .If you do not undertake the activities required in this notification your benefit could be affected. This activity forms part of your work-related activity action plan. It is very important that you attend all appointments. If you cannot attend please contact us as soon as possible so that arrangements. If i'm still in the period when i'm 'signed-off', and not having to go to the JobCentre surely the same applies to Ingeus. What evidence are they asking me to bring ...... The note fom my doctor ?? That's already with the JC. And what actions are they asking me to complete before i go in there ? I thought of doing a short note reminding them that i'm sick and will see them again when my doctor says i'm fit for work.
  12. Thanks LW that's a great letter. I'll use that if they come on again.
  13. She never asked how long my 'sick note' was for. I was expecting her to ask but i think i may have taken her by surprise when i said i'd handed it into the JC. The week before when i saw her i'd been coughing & sneezing, full of cold. So when i told her i'd never turned up for her two appointments 'cos i was feeling sick, i think she presumed it was only that. If she gets in touch with the JC i wonder do they say any more to her. I'd like her to keep getting in touch so that i could tell my Gp i feel i'm being harassed when i go and ask for another note.
  14. Thamks. That's relief. I didn't think i was going to have to go in there, but you hear so many stories about how much IDS is doing to push people off benefits i didn't know what to expext. A similar thing must have cropped up before so she must know the rules.
  15. Hi, When i went to my Gp she gave me a note but only for a month. I told her i only had 5mths to go before i was entitled to Pension Credit and hoped for longer than a month although she did say i could come back. I was due to go to Ingeus on Monday to spend the day doing job searching on their computers, but never went or contacted them. My advisor phoned on Tuesday asking why i hadn't been there, i told her i was sick, she said that makes no difference you've still got to come here when you have an appointment. I told her again i was sick and didn't want to speak on the phone and she should weite to me. She wasn't happy saying missing an appointment can get me sanctioned. She has just phoned again, my usual appointment to see her was this morning and i hadn't gone. I reminded her again i was sick and i'd given a 'note' into the JC. She said .... Oh you're wasnting to go onto Esa are you ? Well what will happen now is if you're successful in your claim you'll be transferred to an Esa advisor here at Ingeus and have to come in to see them, if your Esa claim is rejected you'll have to come back to see me. I thought while waiting the Esa assessment i didn't have to see any of them. These things go on and on, no peace for the wicked.
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