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  1. Thank you. But in the UK I am solvent. I have a full time job and good credit score. I don't want to bring the insolvency in the UK. Can I start by sending a CCA request to the DCA? I am sure they don't have the documents in the proper form and would struggle to get them. I would like to the use the Consumer Credit Act template
  2. In Spain I am bankrupt. The debt was contracted in Spain and any contract they may have are in Spain and according to Spanish law. I think they realized I am bankrupt in Spain so they are trying their luck in the UK. I never signed anything in the UK, contracted a debt or something. In the UK I am clean and have a full time job. I would like to clean my past life in Spain also but it won't work if I ma bullied by collection agencies. Yes, the company is registered and doing business in Spain.
  3. Hello guys, This is my first post in this forum. I used to live in Spain were I lost my job and couldn't repay some debts. Now I live in Britain and my situation is better as I have a full time job. I repaid part of my debts back in Spain but not everything. Yesterday, I received a letter from a British collection agency asking for immediate payment of a debt incurred in Spain (credit card actually). I am not evading the debt or something. I even paid part of it a few months ago. However, the Spanish bank is chasing via this collection agency. What to do here?
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