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  1. My uncle is fast approaching retirement age and he works as a domestic at a hospital in the Newcastle area and recently they've had an alteration of hours/shift pattern so a few people have been moved around. He had worked on the same ward for nearly 10 years and after the reshuffle he was the only person who was never given a fixed-ward. Everyone else either has their original ward or are now split between two set-wards. My uncle wasn't given any set ward, despite the fact people far less experience were including the ward my uncle worked on all this time. Since the chances that took hol
  2. I can't remember exactly how much. It was a Barclays credit card, that much I'm sure. It was taken out around the same time as my Egg credit card, which appears on my credit report. To find out how much I'll have to contact Barclays. Will they be able to tell me what the balance was at the time the account was closed/debt sold?
  3. HFO Financial Services say I owe them £1700 after paying a total of £4000. I had been paying through CCCS along with two other smaller debts. Due to personal circumstance I've stopped using CCCS and intended to write directly to HFO to arrange a payment plan. However on Noodle this debt does not appear at all either on open or closed accounts. The debt must have been incurred somewhere around 2003/2004. Precisely what am I paying this for? Is it possible they have been taking payments on statue-barred debt and if so is there any way I would be able to reclaim
  4. Mum moved out last month from a tenancy that began June 2011. The monthly rent was £750 and she paid £1500 moving in. The small print of the contract states this was one month in advance and one month to "remain a head at all times" and therefore the landlord is denying that this constituted a deposit which would have to be protected by a tenancy deposit scheme. The rent was due on the first of each month. Her last payment was 1st August: £750 She then wrote to the landlord to say she'd be moving out early September. He asked about moving out early so someone who wanted the
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