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  1. thanks FS, I have just found that name & email. I'll speak to trading standards tomorrow as the manager was completely dismissing the SOGA in favour of company policy, which having read up is potentially an illegal move on his part. All I want is the carpet sorted. I've informed the Mrs if he calls to tell the manger that we've emailed David Kinght CEO at SCS and that I've contacted trading standards to see what they have to say. I'm sure he is just following orders and trying to keep the profits up, but this time he's giving the mushroom treatment to the wrong person
  2. Hi all, new to this forum, have previously managed to just mention the word Sale of Goods Act in previous stores and successfully had my issues resolved. However, the manager of my local SCS store seemed completely oblivious to the SOGA and as such is adamant that the issue with my carpet remains the responsibility of the manufacturer. In brief, we had a new carpet & underlay fitted by SCS back in January. In August we noticed the carpet was starting to fold over on itself, ie crease. After phoning the store and a message being passed to the manager the fitter came out, restretched the carpet fitted a gripper and disappeared. Within a few days the crease was back again, a call to the store produces an appointment with their surveyor, he comes out, eventually, and decides we need more gripper. Fitter returns, disagrees with the surveyor, lifts up the carpet and announces that the carpet is delaminating and is faulty. He tales photos and says he'll report to the store manager. A week has passed since fitter took photos and we've heard nothing, Yesterday we popped in to store and spoke to the manager, on asking him where we're at with our faulty carpet he announces he's still not heard from the manufacturer. When I asked him what it has to do with them he tells me it's company policy, I asked to see this policy and he says that they don't hold one in store and I need to speak to HQ. This brings me on to mention to him the SOGA and the fact that my contract is with him as the retailer not the manufacturer of the carpet, thus he is responsible for fixing & making amends not the manufacturer. He keeps repeating about company policy etc and it's then like I'm banging my head against a brick wall. I leave with the promise he will call me back by 2000hrs Monday PM. What i'm looking for is that, I am correct, the store is responsible NOT the manufacturer and at the end of the day the carpet is faulty and after just 6 months or so the carpet is the way it is, ie not for for purpose and of unsatisfactory quality. All I want is nice carpet, the same again will be fine, nothing outrageous or out of the ordinary but the manager of the store dismissed the SOGA saying company policy is what it is and completely dismissed I have any rights to anything over SOGA. Help please as I feel this is being made far more awkward then it should be. Cheers, Steve
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