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  1. Did I read tha companies now must offer a email contact address? Some ruling by Ofcom or some similar body. if in the wrong forum please correct thanks
  2. Hi It seems as no one has replied either no one is following the thread or all have the same problem with obtaining an extended warranty with big ticket items. With my car the diesel pump broke down a month out of manufacturer’s warranty, the car had done 6000 miles. The main dealer blamed it on the fuel but the firm I work for uses the same filling station for all their vehicles and none of the diesels they have has had a fuel pump failure. After a great deal of letter writing the manufacturer admitted there was a fault on the pump and repaired it free of charge. The fuel pump failed to function a few months back, by this time the car had done 14000 miles. My husband contacted several main dealers and the cost as they are unable to repair this type of pump was a replacement pump unit at a cost £2000 to £2400 fitted. I looked the invoice up the pump was a Bosch VP 44 With the gas boiler, it was new seven years ago, a proprietary brand and serviced with a well known provider of energy. We took their all inclusive warranty package out after the first year. It needed several repairs running into hundreds of pounds. On the last service we were advised by the engineer we needed a new boiler costing around £3000 installed as the parts were no longer available for this one. However, once again my husband contacted the boiler manufacturer who said all the parts were available and ex stock but would be required to be fitted by a gas safe registered engineer. As pointed out by the post by TX extended warranty on a £400 general domestic appliance may be of little or no value but extended warranty on a big ticket item is a must. (We believe true recycling is to repair rather than buy a new one and take something which still has some life in it to a recycling centre.) Maxine
  3. Hi I am having the same problems finding reasonably priced warranty companies to cover repairs on my 6 year old car and 7 year old gas boiler. Maxine
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