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  1. I am very happy to inform that I received a telephone call after I posted my complaint through their web site form. I have received a cheque for a full refund for the new brake pads. The manager at the branch that fitted them telephoned as an independent adjudicator on the matter and couldn't have been any nicer. Matter now closed.
  2. I have no idea why they would need to adjust the handbrake cable or make the brake pedal as high and tight as they did-Im not a mechanic. The mechanic that drove it home for me said they have adjusted the brakes most likely during the MOT or have caught the cable up when fitting the exhaust. Yes I took it to another Kwik Fit for the new brake shoes
  3. thank you I will try that email address
  4. Several weeks ago we put our car into the Galashiels branch for an MOT, new exhaust and shock absorber. Phone call from the supervisor was to inform us that they had broken the windscreen from using the air pressure chisel on the old shock absorber (really?). After discussions between myself and the supervisor the windscreen was replaced by them and a few days later I collected the car. I telephoned the branch the next day as the hand brake and brake pedal were so tight it was ridiculous. (The handbrake had 1 click only). I was told to bring it in when I coul
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