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  1. I had debt 9 year ago due to unemployment. i also have a mortgage debt because of repossession of the house in uk. My question is simple how can i avoid being swamped by the debt collectors before i find a job, settle in and be in a position to negotiate a repayment. i have a bank account in uk where registered address is overseas. i will have to change that to my current address in uk for criminal records bureau check (now called dbs check) as req for the job. i know banks share the address change with credit companies. Please advise me on best strategy. thank you
  2. i need a list of legal documents related to debt recovery legislations that i can read to defend myself in court. both for non statute barred debts and statute barred debts. only post on the thread if you are not going to patronize and address the question directly.
  3. Which bank offers the best customer service these days?
  4. I have a CCJ on which a full and final settlement was reached. I would like to open a bank account. When asked about whether or not i have a CCJ against me should i answer yes. In my case which bank is the best for an account that provides a visa debit card and direct debit facility. i don't need a overdraft. regards
  5. If you have recently moved to UK and are living with relatives. Are there any tips on how to provide proof of address to open a bank account?
  6. If i were to declare bankruptcy. do you know how much it will cost? Is there a bank which offers bank accounts for bankrupt people? I have also come to know that if you have been abroad and come to uk then want to declare bankruptcy in the first 3 months since u have been in uk you have to go to high court in london, is that correct?
  7. It is roughly 25000 pounds. there are 10 creditors. the debts are 5 years old. all are credit card debts. the reason why asked the question is that i wanted to save some money and them enter a full and final settlement with the creditors.
  8. I have significant debt in uk. I don't currently have any funds and will be looking for a job before i can make repayments. I need advice on how to avoid harassment by debt collectors during this period. For example if i were to take out a phone contract , will the debt collectors be able to find me by searching my credit file. Should i avoid getting into any new contracts until i have finances to negotiate with debt collectors?
  9. I have significant debt in UK and it has been 5 years since last default. My move to UK is unavoidable. I don't have any funds and will not be able to afford any repayments until i get a job. I would like to stay low when i move to avoid the hassle of debt collectors until i can afford repayments. I would appreciate any suggestions.
  10. I have checked my credit file. some of my debt accounts show default amount but are also marked as settled. what does this mean?
  11. Thank you for the quick reply. I have a recent report from equifax. Most of my debts default date from 4 years ago. A few have been sold to what i think is a credit collecting agency called PCO Holdco S A R L. My mortgage account now shows as settled. I had one CCJ and a full and final settlement was reached on it.
  12. Dear cag, I have significant debt in UK. I am overseas and has been 4 years since the default. My house was repossessed. 1-Is it worth declaring bankruptcy now. what are the pros and cons? 2- If i were to declare bankruptcy and came to work in uk ,i am worried that i will not be able to open a bank account with out which i will not be able to get paid among other difficulties. any solution to this problem? 3- What if i continue to work overseas for another couple of years and then come back, will that change anything? I really need some sound advice on how to plan my f
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