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  1. well no demanding letter yet! had an email from local MP who was chasing NGP his advice was ' ignore they will send dca letters and solicitors but will not take you to court. the equality act is not any use as it is a civil matte and ignore ignore. Does he know what he is on about? apparently Popla should have taken into account the reasonable time adjustment thingy but didn't. I will be off to speak to managers of the shops/bank with a letter and see if one will pass on the complaint for me. The bank i'm told had one written off for a friend but they proved they were in the bank @ the time of the ticket.
  2. Ha ha ye very funny i posted on here for help with equality act not professing to give advice or anything i was just saying i visited the other site and recognised the name from posts i have seen. I wouldnt have a clue where to start with advice re any 'ticket' or anything connected.quite laughable actually thought of me working for anyone connected with the 'industry'.i will leave the advice to those that know what they're on about.
  3. they need a trip to the job centre plus
  4. have seen said person on said forum being very rude particularly to newbies.also seen them being accused of spying(as seen on here too) also seen them slag off this site .they seem to think highly of them over on the other site jump to his defence should anyone complain about the attitude or question their integrity. bit of a clique going on there from what I can see. I may be wildly off the mark but it is just my humble opinion but one that it seems is shared by others
  5. not had anyone chase me as of yet. But they will I am sure I am expecting a letter from one next week or at least from NGP first. Only had the Popla decision on 1st October
  6. no I have been more than once but always managed to find on street parking previously or had a lift and dropped outside the door.the car park would be a 5 minute walk to an able bodied person but was a lot longer than that for me. thankyou re the debt collectors
  7. hi,i hope I am in the right area as I am new here . I received a PCN from New Generation Parking in June this year. I appealed to them on the grounds that I only overstayed IN a FREE car park due to my disability and the amount of pain I was in that day, due to having drive around and around looking for somewhere to park. I suffer with severe sciatica and have great difficulty walking.(I am registered disabled with a blue badge) On the said day the journey and parking had been a nightmare I eventually saw a space and parked in it. I didn't notice the little sign on the wall 2 shops down . the car park is a free car park with so I have found out a max 30 min stay. By the time I had hobbled to the dentist which was a struggle for me, laid on my side in the car to relieve the sciatica before and after my appointment.I had overstayed. I received the notice within a few days. As I said I appealed to them but unsurprisingly it was turned down. My next move wasnt to clever, I went on the appeal to POPLA without doing any research first! I used mitigating circumstances. doh! I only found out later that they don't accept that. Ok so obviously I don't want to pay the fine which is now £100! and my beef is had I been able bodied, the trip to the dentist I made would have been done and dusted in under half an hour. Due to my disability I took longer partly due to how far away I had to park on that day, but more so to do with the time spent lying on my side in the car trying to relieve the burning sciatica. I have read somewhere that I can write to the land owners quoting the Equality Act about extended time limits?? Firstly is this correct? can I do that? secondly, how do I go about finding out who actually OWNS the land? (and therefore who to write to) Lastly, what do I write? Does anyone have any templates? or drafts I could adapt to my circumstances? or could anyone help me out and tell me what I need to quote exactly, and how to word it please?. My overstay was 15 minutes I think. When I received the notice I sat and worked out how long I had spent getting to the appointment, walking and lying on my side etc and it worked out about right. I'm gutted I went ahead and appealed to POPLA without researching it first, if I had I wouldn't be asking this question now. I only received the appeal decision last week via email, it took them over 2 months to tell me to get lost and to pay the PCN. I find it so hard to work out how these companies are allowed to issue these and receive funds from them, when essentially they have no right. I signed no contract, didn't even buy a ticket coz it was free! so how have I incurred them losses exactly? Grrr really got my goat this has. To think I could end up in court over a non enforceable bill... .. honestly! In the interim if I receive a threatening letter from New Generation am I just to ignore it? What are these sharks like re going to court? How long does the receiving the summons process take? I apologise for the fifty thousand questions!!!!!! If it is relevant I received this ticket in Wales and I was seen by a camera mounted on a shop front over the road. Thankyou in advance as I'm sure someone will be able to steer me in the right direction
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