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  1. so does this mean that even though i've not made payments for this debt or acknowledged it in the last 5 years the time frame for the 5 years for it to be statue barred started again in september 2011?
  2. that's great, thanks for the reply do you know of any templates I could use for i am utterly useless at writing letters for matters like this?
  3. Hi there, ok so I posted off the statute barred letter and I received a reply the other day, they sent me bank statements from January 2006 up to when the account must have been closed in September 2011. It clearly shows on the statements the last ever transaction on that account mas made for £2.72 on 8 July 2008. The had written a letter along with the statements they provided and said " As requested, please find enclosed a statement of your account detailing your transactions and you will note from the information provided that this accounst is not in fact statute barred as you have implied". I was under the impression that they would have had to provide information on me acknowledging the debt within the last 5 years. Even thought it shows that the account was closed in september 2011 this wasnt by me asking for it to be closed as I have not been in contact with bank of scotland at all. What do I do next? Would really appreciate some advice!
  4. I will do, going to sort out the letter today and send it recorded delivery on monday, as soon as I hear back I'll let you know
  5. I will do, thank yous for all your help! Just one last thing, is the debt still seen to be statute barred if they have written out to me? I have moved several times over the years and this is more than likely why I have not received these lettere that they say have been sent out by IND.
  6. ok so i've had a look at my credit report on noddle and it is showing defaults from September 20122 to October 2013 for IND limited (who TBI said they bought the debt from in August 2012), there is no mention of TBI on there. ALso one of the security questions when i was setting up my account said " you oppened up a current account in July 2008, who was it with" and this was with the bank i opened an account with after leaving bank of scotland, so this is over 5 years, just.
  7. ah brilliant, thanks for that, going to sign up just now and see what i can find. Just to clarify a credit agreement....thats when i agree to make payments?
  8. I've signed up with experian, waiting on a pin being sent out in the post, then need to enter that on experian then I'll be able to see my full credit report. Only ever received 2 letters from TBI financial and both of them just refer to bank of scotland
  9. yeah this credit agreement they mentioned confused me, saying i had failed to make payments as I know i haven't agreed to anything like that. I was 19/20 first time dealing with living away from home, managing finances etc and was stupid and clueless, I would never allow myself to get in a situation like that now. The first part of the letter states "you, the customer, are in breach of the provision in the credit agreement which specifies that you will make monthly payments on the dates prescribed in the credit agreement. You have failed to make payments as specified under the credit agreement and are required to take the following action to remedy the breach:- Pay the total outstanding balance of £3085.50 before the 22.10.13 they then go on to say if i don't they will issue county court proceedings for the recovery of the whole balance? DOes this mean they will take me to court? and this credit agreement is confusing me. Yeah conniff i agree, they do make you feel like with their scary letters.
  10. also, do you know if a bedt collection agency has a legal right for you to tell them your incomeings/outgoings etc?
  11. Hi, was wondering if anyone could give some advice on what to do. Years ago I opened up a student account with bank of scotland and had an overdraft, i went over my overdraft limit by literally a few pence and got bank charges, which made me even more over my overdraft limit. To cut a long story short, it kept spiralling so i opened an account with a different bank and as i was young naive and stupid stuck my head in the sand with bank of scotland account and ignored it. I have never got in touch with bank of scotland over the years about this debt and have made no payments, I can't be sure of exactly how long ago it was as I don't have any documents with dates on it but im sure it was over 5 years ago. So i've heard absolutley nothing from bank of scotland and a couple of weeks ago I got a letter from TBI financial saying they have bought over the debt from IND limited in august 2012, never heard from IND either. The letter said i had to pay and they included a sheet that asked EVERYTHING...who i worked for, date i got paid every month, incomings, outgoings etc (do they have a legal right to know this information?) I went to citizens advice beaura and they said that it seems like my debt is statute barred (if it has been 5 years) and they think they are chancing it, so I ignored the letter and fast forward a couple of weeks this morning I got another letter from TBI saying I am in breach of the provision in the credit agreement and I have to pay £3085.50 by 22.10.13, there is no way i can conjur up that money in a couple of weeks!!! They then said that if i dont pay the credit agreement will terminate on 22 October and they will issue county court proceedings for the recovery. I'm really scared and don't know what to do next!! Would be so greatful for any advice, Thanks.
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