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  1. I wonder I can chase the 3rd party warranty compnay for this, might be worth a tray.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I thought as much. I guess there is no point pursuing with this then?
  3. Hi, I bought a car from a trader just over 1 month ago and have been having a few issues with it. I have been trying to get the trader to resolve these issues but they just ignore my calls or tell me they are going to call back and never do. in the end I got all the repairs done my self and it cost me around £340 to sort out. Now I am/was planning on getting this back from the trader and just done abit of research on the company and I have noticed that they filed for the ltd company to be struck off about a month ago (just after I bought it) So what do I do now? Can I still sue them? I was planning on writing a letter and including the copies of the receipts and asking them for compensation. If they do not not pay up I was going to take them to small claims court. Can I sue them personally? luckily they operate from their home so I know where they live and their full names. Can someone please help me as I have no idea what I am doing. Thanks ccx295
  4. Yeah and to be fair they did offer me one which I declined at the time thinking it will be sorted fairly quickly.Ok thats fine I just want my car back fully working now.... Thanks for replying.
  5. Keeps us updated on this please, the steps which you have had to take etc... thanks.
  6. Hi all,I am just looking for some advice. I have recently bought a car from a 2nd hand car dealer\trader (Run from a home)As soon as I started driving the car after I bought the car I noticed a problem with it (noise coming from the engine bay)I took it to my local garage and who pointed out the noise was coming from the exhaust and that I should take it back to the dealer.I called the dealer to explain the situation and he mentioned to just run it for a bit and hopefully the noise should go away. The next day I took it to another garage and again they said take it back to the dealer. Again I called the dealer he answered and ask me to bring it back in.So I had the car for a total of 3 full days before returning it.I explained to the dealer that I wanted a full refund and he said "no" but that he would repair it and that he has the right to repair it before a refund. I said fair enough as I do like and want the car.I spoke to the dealer\trader a few days later who told me that they have found the problem and that they have ordered a new part and that it will be done by this Wednesday just gone.Well now its Friday and it is still looking like it will not be ready. (I think his friend who owns a garage is repairing it in his spare time!)How long can this go on for before I can ask for a refund? also I am not 100% convinced that this will actually fix the problem (I have my fingers crossed though)I go on holiday very soon too which means I will have to leave the car with them even if it is repaired.Thanksccx
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