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  1. would be greatful for any advice given. really want my things back
  2. On the seizure notice the pink slip it says my name, address, where they seized the car from and a couple of questions where they ticked yes or no things like if driver Id confirmed etc. Nothing there about car contents
  3. My car was impounded last week and I recovered it on the weekend, however today I opened the boot and see my speaker, amplifier, my bag and work cables are all missing. I mean are they allowed to remove my things?? I called the impound but it's just an automated message stating opening times and the documents required. The impound is far from my house so wouldn't really want to travel all that way and come back with no outcome. Any one have any suggestions on what I can do?
  4. ok thanks. hopefully can get it recovered quickly tomorrow
  5. oh ok thanks for that... what i was also asking was at the impound what do they check for on their system? any idea
  6. ok if its like anpr then it should be ok i can be in and out... btw do you know what appears on anpr or on database at impound?
  7. i have payment and all relevant documents that is needed... as i'm in a rush i just wanted to know if they call insurance and check all details, dvla for details any breakdown services etc....
  8. i have the logbook and insurance certificate and my license. because i'm going on work training tomorrow evening i need to get my car back tomorrow and want to avoid any delays. so therefore asking what do they check? do they call insurance and check all details? dvla for details? if they do adds to the delay
  9. today i was driving and got stopped by police because car came up as uninsured... (was actually insured) insurance have rectified this and have said will pay for cost to retrieve car. Any way police siezed the vehicle to a local car impound and i have 14 days to collect. i am so worried and scared. i know i need the logbook and valid insurance certificate and license to get my car back but does anyone know the actual process of how long it takes to get it back? do they call insurance or dvla to check your details? do they carry out any other checks? i'm really on a tight deadline
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