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  1. Thanks Stu007. I haven't but I will now. We asked Currys and LG about a software update, but they both said it was firmware that was missing. Paul
  2. Thanks Andyorch for the link. I had seen it over a year ago but forgot. Hi MaxxPower. That's what Currys and LG tell me. But, is that my fault? They sold me a 4K UHD TV which I asked at the time if it would play 4K progs when they became available. Yes, they said. Yesterday I found a link on the LG site saying all their 4K TV's from 2014 play 4K on Netflix. A video explained it all. I subscribed yesterday to a free month of Netflix and tried it. Nope. Rang Currys. He said, 'Netflix app on TV stopped being updated, meaning it was never added.' I have no idea what that means. So, I'm about to write to BBC Watchdog on their site. They love to get lots of complaints about one item from one company. So, if anyone feels like writing, the more the merrier! I'll include the link to AV forums Andyorch posted. A guy on there gives his phone number for anyone wishing to contact him. Thanks to all. Paul.
  3. Thanks to both of you for the response. I'll try that when I get home. Can't tweet anything because I don't indulge in any social networking stuff. Paul
  4. Hi. Bought an LG 55LA965W TV in May 2014, £1,499, advertised and sold as 4k UHD ready. 4k didn't arrive until Sky introduced it in August 2016. I changed to Sky. Their engineer said my TV didn't have the connection needed for the Sky Q box, and wasn't capable of playing 4k. Rang Currys and told.. Nothing to do with us, ring LG. Rang LG and told... We never sold that TV to Currys as 4k. It isn't. That's despite LG's material/website/manual saying differently. I got nowhere and left it. Now, I've changed to Virgin and their top package which includes 4k progs. Have a guess... the TV won't play 4k. Rang Virgin and their engineer talked me through all the settings just to make sure. Nope, the TV doesn't play their 4k. I rang CAB. They told me how to word a letter to Currys. I got the reply the other day. '... your TV is working to the specifications given at the time of purchase and can produce a 4k picture'. Not with Sky or Virgin! 'The issue you have is the advancement in technology and the way the picture is delivered. Whilst you are protected by certain legislation, this does not extend to the external factors affecting the way the item works therefore we are unable to accept your claim under the SOGA.' CAB told me my next step is Court action, but I don't want to gamble my money against Currys. I can rant and rave about the injustice of forking out a lot of money for a 4k UHD ready TV that isn't, but anyone know of any cases where Currys have been challenged and beaten on this kind of thing? Thanks Paul
  5. Hello Mr.P and all. I thought the same as you. However, just rang Citizens Advice and I can't believe it but Romans are within their rights! If you buy in-store and their terms state 'no refunds' then you must abide by it. Vouchers etc are fine. Don't know if they have T&C's displayed in store as well. If you buy online that's a different matter, you get your refund. Unless you're one of the many on Trustpilot. regards, Paul
  6. Well... it seems my dear sister has wasted my time and yours, which I apologise for. She's been back to the store this afternoon. No refund. The assistant pointed out these terms on her receipt. She accepted a credit voucher. Looks like she's joining the many more on Trustpilot and other review sites. Not many have a good word about Roman returns policy, customer services and staff, and won't be shopping there again. Many thanks for all your help. Paul
  7. Just saw your post as I posted ericsbrother. I agree with you entirely, but anyone know what the law says? paul
  8. The terms and conditions seem to only apply to web orders. These Terms and Conditions refer to:- a. your use of the Roman Originals.co.uk website or any subsequent URL which may replace it (the "Website"); and b. your relationship with Roman Originals, with whom you will enter into a contract for the purchase of any products advertised on the Website (the "Products") that you decide to order. She bought it instore? I thought, from memory... if there was no way of trying clothes on instore you were entitled to a refund if they didn't fit when tried on at home? Provided they were 'as bought', with packaging, labels etc intact. How else could you know if they fit or not? Thanks Paul
  9. Hi Andy, thanks. It's Romans Originals, Trinity Walk, Wakefield. Paul
  10. Hi to all. My severely disabled sister bought a dress and the store didn't have a fitting room. It doesn't fit when she got it home. I've googled and it seems shops don't legally have to provide a fitting room, let alone disabled, or allow you to try clothes on. What I can't find is can she get a refund or must she accept a credit note. Thanks Paul
  11. Update on outcome.... Firstly, I understand the term 'no reason' perfectly well, thanks for asking. Trouble is, after further enquiries to Which? and CA, that ONLY applies if the item has not been opened. At least that's what they said. Argos replied back yesterday. Said I'd to take it back and they would look at it with me to see if it was a manufacturing fault? Not happy and all fired up, I took it to my local Argos, 80 miles away from the other one. I was armed with my 'short term right to reject' and the rest. The lady at the till could not have been more pleasant. I explained the fault with the phone, and got out the letter from Argos. I was also returning a faulty Fitbit - opened and used. It recorded my wife's sleep pattern and heart rate in bed even when she wasn't wearing it. Common fault I found from Google searches. 'No problem, Sir. Would you like an exchange for something else or your money back'. She took the back off the phone to check the battery was there. 'Refund, please.' 'There you are Sir, it's back on your card now. Have a good day'. How refreshingly surprising, compared to the manager at the other store. I know which Argos branch I'll be using in future. Thanks to all for your help. Paul
  12. So are you saying the advice given on here about not needing a reason is incorrect. Regards Paul.
  13. Just been to see manager. Quoted everything from CRA. I'd printed it off. Told him i didn't need a reason. He said he couldn't refund unless it was faulty. He said he knew the consumer act because Argos had given him legal training to deal with these matters. Told him I had further rights re paid online. He then spent 20 mins setting up an account on Facebook. Which worked! I asked him to do the same with fitbit but he said their description didn't specifically mention fitbit only Facebook. I left with my tail between my legs. And a recording of it all. Should I just appeal to head office's better nature now. Sorry for the layout done this on my phone. Regards Paul.
  14. Hi sgtbush. Not sure about that, but I could be wrong. If you buy from Ebay you can choose to collect from Argos. Argos are now opening branches in Sainsburys. I bought from John Lewis online the other week and had it delivered to a local Bargain Booze. Many retailers offer many options of where to collect from. Which surely is a form of click and collect which you highlighted? I'd hope that the online purchasing part of CRA is not dismissed because of this. I've never seen anyone collect a parcel and open it in the shop. Everybody waits until they get home with it. It's been bought online but inspected at home. Unless by collecting at a shop is a way for the seller to involve a third party, which complicates things judging from my first ever browse today through CRA. Would it be they do it to get out of their CRA responsibilities? Or would it make no difference where it was collected from if the payment was made online to the supplier? Food for thought I suppose. Regards, Paul
  15. Many thanks to you both. I've also now looked at the CRA. I've read through the (many) relevant sections and it seems I've quite a few areas where I'm entitled to a refund. Although, I didn't notice the one about a refund for no reason? I think I'll go see the manager again armed with all this. I just want to see his smug face droop. Failing that, I'll email head office. Many thanks once again. Paul
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