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  1. Hello, sorry for reviving an old thread. I just need some advise. I started my course with Advent Computer Training a few years back and I got my loan via Barclays Partnership Finance. When the company went into administration, it got taken over by CompuTeach. After I got my A+ certification I managed to get a job in IT (which I am still in) and things where good. I didn't have a lot of time to work on my course as things where getting bigger the more I started to work. When stuff had settled down I think the beginning of last year, I logged into the CompuTeach website to continue my course. It wouldn't allow me to. I called up CompuTeach and they said that my contract with them had expired 2 or 3 months before. For me to continue my course, they wanted £1800 per year to continue it. I'm still paying for my Barclays Partnership Finance loan off (I think I still have about 2 years left before it will finally be over), but at this current moment in time, I feel like i've paid £6000 just for my A+, Do I have any legal rights? or should I be given compensation? Or have I just been robbed of my money? I need some advise as I feel very upset by this.
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