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  1. Yes, sorry I should have said that I'm in Scotland and the Factor is what you would refer to as the Management Company. The roof has been repeatedly repaired. The factor has arranged this when a problem has been reported, usually when water starts coming through my kitchen ceiling (my flat is on the 3rd (top) floor). The factor has billed all the residents accordingly for the roof repairs, but the damage to my ceiling is not covered by insurance and the factor is not willing to take any steps to prevent further roof problems or to help me with repairs to my ceiling.
  2. I suggested to the factor that the frequency of the repairs would indicate that they are ineffective but they have sent me photographs which (they say) shows that the repairs have been to different areas of the roof. It's hard to see anything in the photographs that would prove anything to be honest. They are maintaining the 'wear and tear' line and 'what do you expect when the roof is over 30 years old?' The factor is a fairly large housing association but they are not being sympathetic in the slightest. Perhaps Citizens Advice is the best way forward. Thanks for the replies.
  3. The factor has said that it's unlikely that I would be covered by the insurance for damage inflicted as a result of wear and tear to the roof. Also, I doubt that the other owners have any issue with the factor as it's only my property (top floor) that's been affected by the leaks. Do I just need to grin and bear it? Fix the ceiling out of my own pocket and hope that the leaks don't happen as often as they have in the past (8 times in 4 years)?
  4. I emailed the factor with my belief that they should be responsible for repairs to damage caused by problems on the communal roof. The reply I got is below. Anyone know how I can take this further? Hi xxxx, thanks for your emailand I note its comments. Having taken advice myself, Iagain confirm that ceilings within a property are not common and it is not The factor’s responsibility toreinstate them. If the water ingress is theresult of an insured peril then an owner can make a claim on the buildings Insurance policy with details ofthe incident for the insurer’s consideration and if successful the excess wouldbe Deducted from the claim. Wear and tear on a roof is however not covered by insurance. The role of the factor is tomake reasonable endeavours to fix and repair reported faults on the roof. I am Confident that on each occasionrepairs have been reported that this has been done.
  5. Thanks for the reply. So you are saying I should argue with the factors that it is their responsibility to manage the repairs and charge all of the tenants? To be clear, the damage is internal to my property (kitchen ceiling) but it is as a result of problems with the external roof which is obviously common to all tenants.
  6. Hi I own a flat that I rent out. It's the top floor in a tenement building and I pay factors to maintain the communal areas. I also having building insurance through the factors but leave the tenants to obtain their own contents insurance. Over the last few years I have been informed by the tenants that there was water coming through the ceiling. This has happened several times. The factors have fixed the roof (usually telling me there has been a dislodged tile). There has been damage to the ceiling and the most recent occasion has left the kitchen ceiling in a bit of a mess. The factors say that this is not covered by my buildings insurance as this only covers storm damage. I have asked for a list of how many repairs have been done to the roof recently and they sent me a list of 8 repairs which have been done since August 09. My question is: Should I repair the ceiling (I have new tenants moving in next month), or can I ask the factors to take more action? Given the frequency of the roof problems I could be paying for repairs continually over the next few years while the factors take no responsibility. I have asked the factors if they believe the roof is fit for purpose and they have said 'well it's over 30 years old'. They have offered to ask the other flat owners if they would be willing to share the repair bill for my ceiling (not holding out much hope for that one) or share the cost of re-roofing the whole property (which will be very expensive). Is there any other course of action I should be considering? Thanks for your help.
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