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  1. Cool, thanks. I do know who's signature it is and as far as I know they did have permission from the rest of the team. Key points that I have found out though, are; Champion Soccer state that in order to withdraw from the league, a team needs to let them know before the fixtures for the upcoming season are released. The team missed the deadline for that, but after informing CS of our withdrawal, a revised list of fixtures was released, which did still include the team, but with some changes. So, does this clear us, because we did, in effect, withdraw before the final fixtures were released? Also, CS are asking for a registration fee. As we have not paid it, does that not mean that our registration is incomplete, despite my team-mate having signed the form? Thanks for your reply.
  2. Hi I was recently part of a 6-a-side football team who played in a league run by Champion Soccer. Before the start of the latest season of this league, I contacted them to withdraw my team from the league because we did not have enough players to carry on. However, I have now received an invoice asking for £104 saying that we owe them a £25 registration fee and a £62 double match fee for not fulfilling a fixture. Upon contacting them again to query this and explaining that I had not signed the registration form at the end of the previous season to keep the team going, I was told that another member of my team had signed the form and had in effect "registered the team". On the form, there is a section saying something along the lines of the following: "I accept full responsibility to fulfill my teams fixtures until are team is replaced by another" Does this mean that the team is 100% committed to playing these fixtures and therefore, to pay the debt that Champion Soccer keep adding to? Thanks for any responses
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