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  1. Sorry Conniff, I didn't see your reply for some reason! I'm rubbish with these forums!That is exactly what Trading Standards have said to me so I am going to write a letter this afternoon and send that to him to see if he gets back to me. I was told that if any recording are made I have to make the person I have recorded aware? I am trying to get the advert from Auto Trader to look at as I'm sure it said on it that there is a full service history, however there isn't! Thank you very much for your help, fingers crossed it goes my way and I get the car repaird or my money back!
  2. Yeah that it what they said when I rang Trading Standards, I had looked at the Sale of Goods Act previous to going back to the garage but now it has been stated to me that even though I have a warranty for the engine and gear box, it's just an extra and I still have rights! Which has made me feel a little better! Now all I have to do is write a letter to them and wait for a reply. I do love a good complaint! Haha! Thank you for your help
  3. Sorry it was from a dealer! A very dodgy one as I am now finding out for myself!
  4. I am a trainee solicitor so can get legal advice from my boss, he's not back in work until tomorrow so was wondering if anyone could give me any sort of advice.I have spoken to Trading Standards anyway so hopefully getting sorted.
  5. Hi, I wonder if someone could help me please? I bought a car 6 weeks ago now a Peugeot 307, 1.6 diesel, 55 plate. After having it for about a week I noticed a knocking noise that sounded like it was coming from the steering or around that area when I turned the car on and off and every so often when I went over bumps (and the car vibrated slightly) I then started to hear like a metally grinding noise... I later found out that the rattling was the rear engine mount that the rubber has wore away on and the metally noise is the wheel bearing that is going. Also the electric windows are sticking when trying to put them back up. I didn't take the car back to the garage I bought it from as I wanted to see what was wrong with it before I did. When I found out what was wrong with it, I took it back to the garage I bought it from and the guy just basically fobbed me off and said it's not dangerous, it was MOT'd and serviced before you took it away, I'll fix it but you'll have to pay. He took the car for a drive, with me and my boyfriend in the back and was doing about 70 mph around an industrial estate, going over any pot holes he could find and slamming on every so often (quite scary) and said don't worry I've done this every day for the past 25 years to test drive cars. That didn't exactly make me feel better! At one point he was driving like that and on the phone. That was on Saturday, this morning (Tuesday) I got into my car, was half way to work and the engine light came on saying 'anti pollution fault' this is the last thing I need!!! I have looked at the the Sale of Goods Act and it stated that if anything goes wrong with a car if you have bought it within the last 6 months, the person you bought it from is responsible to fix this. Someone help me please!!! I'm so fed up with things going wrong on this car already!!! Thanks, Kirsty
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