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    Lost a month

    The tax disc was supposedly for six months. This is on the invoice from the dealer. I only noticed it this morning. It clearly says that the disc was purchased on the 31st May, so why Would it not commence from June 1st - I did not collect it until 3rd June.
  2. Hi, I bought a car in June (well, my mum did!). I am driving the vehicle and the main driver. I am insured as the only driver of the vehicle at the moment - which is all above board - but I am not registered as the owner/keeper. The car is financed in her name - but I am paying the car payments. Do I need to transfer the car over to my name, or is it OK to remain in her name? Thanks in advance
  3. mrtoner

    Lost a month

    Hi, I bought a car in June of this year. There were a couple of delays before I could collect. However, the dealer taxed the car for me. I have just noticed the tax disc will expire on 31/10/13 when in my opinion it should be 30/11/13. The date the tax disc was bought was 31/05/13 - the last day of May. I have lost out on a full month of tax. In a nutshell, can I do anything about this?
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