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  1. Hi, to stop 28 day possession order and agree a suspended possession order we agreed on a payment in line with the norgan minimum . So at present we are going to have to pay CMI and a little extra. The whole hearing was a total shock, from the minute we stepped into the court it was all about figures. We took extensive notes and really got no chance to ask any questions as we were bamboozled by law quotes etc. We actually filed a counter claim and this wasn't mentioned at any point, we had several pieces of evidence in relation to non compliance with pre action protocol and the anomalies with the deeds. The pre action protocol was acknowledged which is why we think we got a six month review. However the deeds were acknowledged then dismissed. The judge expressed that it was 'not good and was going to adjourn, until the claimant pointed out in legal speak that this was not possible and that when he granted suspended order. Where do we go from here? Can we file to have the order set aside? How do we counter claim, we paid the court to file it but judge never mentioned it.? Should we apply to HMLR adjudicator?
  2. Hi applecart, What are your thoughts on a deed which has no borrowers signature, obsolete mortgage number, and address of the land and not the property that is now erected on it? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Sorry, very new to this....not quite quite sure what I've done.
  4. Had court hearing today, got a suspended possession order to be reviewed in 6 months at another hearing. The hearing wasn'nt going too good until we mentioned the HMLR deeds. Firstly the mortgage number is incorrect, it is not signed by the lender and the property address is incorrect! The Judge didnt seem too impressed by this and the claimants representative put it down to 'procedural errors' Any advice on what we can do?
  5. We are at present making a £900 ish. Reduction in payment. There are 2 dependant children in the property.
  6. Theres always a possibility my income could return to a level needed but its uncertain as it self employment. All my letters are sent recorded delivery and i have proof of receipt
  7. Self cert - interest only on part & repayment on part. Lender TMB - no longer exists bought by Lloyds TSB, HBOS
  8. financial circumstances due to reduction in self employment work
  9. Did you have arrears before you made an offer of payment ? No Was this offer you made intended to clear the arrears ? No arrears when offer made What exactly did you offer to pay? i.e. the normal monthly payment plus an amount to clear arrears each month ? Reduced amount
  10. Sorry thought i had, not completely sure of how to use the site yet.
  11. My hearings in two days, am i too late? What should i expect at court on thursday?
  12. i have been following advice from another forum.
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