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  1. Thanks everyone for your reply's. Sorry I have only just checked back on here. The CMD was a nightmare. Didn't sleep for 2 days before it. I know that it's transcripts which are required. I guess the recordings are potentially useful just for situations where it is my word against someone else's, (or several other people's). I'm a bit scared to post too much on here as the case could quite easily be identified. Judge has said that it will be a two week hearing. I'd love to share an outline of what has gone on but concerned about them identifying it. Is that paranoia? If it gets to Tribunal it's a big case and I sincerely believe it to be a full blown public sector scandal jobbie with the internal investigation being a complete cover up. More than eight months since I submitted the complaint and I've not had a formal grievance hearing yet despite attending well over 30 hours of interviews, supplying them with tons of information and evidence from emails, and subject access request etc. I know I've opened a can of worms and the people investigating it know that too but can't 'give me anything' because of the legal situation. Its basically a load of decent people who screwed up, (systemic poor practice and failures of management to check the information they were being give etc). Then when I pointed out to them that this looks like discrimination they panicked and a period of quite extreme victimisation occurred much of it being played out across the email system.
  2. Hello. I've got a CMD coming up very soon in relation to a disability discrimination claim with harassment and victimisation. I know probably most people believe whatever they have been put through is scandalous and they have plenty of good evidence and my case is no exception. My employer has told some big lies in their ET3 and I already have evidence enough to show that very clearly. The internal investigation has been a cover up and so they were never held to account by that and thought they could pull the same stunt when it came to their ET3. In other words, having lied to the internal investigation and got away with it due to managers investigating each other, they have written the same crap in their ET3 and there is a whole heap of evidence against them. I won't go into the details just now. My question relates to covert recordings. I have about 40 hours of recordings both prior to and after I initially submitted my grievance. It's sufficient to show that they have lied in a number of ways. What is the coo with covert recordings? There seems to be a lot of misinformation around. Will the Tribunal accept them with a transcript from a court scribe or is it not worth it if I have lots of other good evidence? Might I win the ET but lose my job anyway on account of the recordings? Of course no matter how good I think my case is (and I have been given advice on liability at great expense from a specialist barrister) I know it ain't over till the fat lady sings and I might lose the case and my job on account of the recordings if I chose to disclose them? I have to make a decision on whether to use them in order to prove certain events or just keep my gob shut and go with the evidence I've got and the knowledge that I'm telling the truth and my employers aren't and there is already heaps of good documentary evidence to show that? Initially I only recorded them so that I could jog my memory in relation to every conversation which occurred over about 6 months. I didn't think they would be admissible but since then I've heard that in some circumstances they are. Question is, is it worth me taking the chance bearing in mind I still have my job and hope to win in any case? I've read SAR El's opinions on this and she clearly knows what she is talking about. Any further advice would be appreciated very much. Need to make decision on this very soon. Thank you for reading.
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