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  1. Thanks everyone for your reply's. Sorry I have only just checked back on here. The CMD was a nightmare. Didn't sleep for 2 days before it. I know that it's transcripts which are required. I guess the recordings are potentially useful just for situations where it is my word against someone else's, (or several other people's). I'm a bit scared to post too much on here as the case could quite easily be identified. Judge has said that it will be a two week hearing. I'd love to share an outline of what has gone on but concerned about them identifying it. Is that paranoia? If it gets to Tribun
  2. Hello. I've got a CMD coming up very soon in relation to a disability discrimination claim with harassment and victimisation. I know probably most people believe whatever they have been put through is scandalous and they have plenty of good evidence and my case is no exception. My employer has told some big lies in their ET3 and I already have evidence enough to show that very clearly. The internal investigation has been a cover up and so they were never held to account by that and thought they could pull the same stunt when it came to their ET3. In other words, having
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