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  1. No I didn't combine them. I requested and received the response of the SAR and then wrote a formal complaint letter. After sending the formal complaint letter I received the response from them that it will take eight weeks to process, and a separate letter saying they have sold the debt. Essentially all the remaining debt (which they have sold) is made from unfair charges. I am unsure how to proceed.
  2. I recently completed a SAR request with Welcome Finance. I wrote to them to challenge the charges on the account, and their total charges are pretty much the full value of the outstanding amount so I was hoping to finally rib myself of this debt. I received a letter from Welcome saying it would take 8 weeks to process the complaint (fairly standard from seeing other posts on the forum). But I also received a letter saying the outstanding balance has been sold onto Aktiv Kapital (UK) Ltd! Does anyone know where I stand now? What happens if a debt is sold but the charges on the or
  3. That's brilliant mate, thanks so much for the links that's just the kind of information I was looking for!
  4. Hi jijinkx I know this is an old thread but it's exactly what I'm dealing with now. I'm still waiting for the SAR to come back but I have had many many charges added to my account and I'm trying to find a way to get them taken off so the debt is at least managable. Could you tell me how you got the charges taken off, what you said to them in your reply once you'd received the SAR response? Thanks!
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