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  1. Thank you for your reply, yes they have all the proof of me notifying them of work. I have also offered to clear the overpayment with my student finance, if they find me guilty I won't have any student finance as I will no doubt be kicked off the course therefore taking a lot longer to clear! With all the facts what do you think will happen? I'm so worried that their just going to see me as another number on a sheet full of potential fraudsters. Anyone that knows me, has worked with me knows I'm a good honest person who made a stupid mistake, the battle of convincing the judge of that is what scares me
  2. I have attempted to post 3 times now but can't see it so I think I've clicked the wrong button- sorry if you can see them and I'm just repeating myself but does anyone have any experience of court? I've never stepped in one in my life! Abc thankyou for your reply, I wish I had of taken that approach but I was so busy with studying/assignments and the issues going on with my son that I completely took 4 granted the fact everything was ok! I have been told that its been passed to the legal department + a court date will be sent, magistrates. So I don't think there's an oppertunity to avoid court now. My soclicitor said its sometimes procedure to seek legal action if its over a certain amount/time period Is this true?
  3. Hiya, thank you for your reply, I don't think the payment is correct because my partners earnings were a lot lower the year prior but they have calculated the benefit the same for both years?? I didn't want to argue it incase I rocked the boat so to speak. I was in reciept of HB + CTB b4 I started my course, do u think this goes against me? And no they didint have any copies of bank statements etc. I did go into the office to take my partners proof of earnings in while I was on the course, the lady who took copies asked about my earnings and I said I was not working due to me being a student!! She never asked me anything to do with student finance and as I thought it wasn't taken as income I didn't think anything of it. The simple fact is I thought I only had to tell them if I was working, which I have always told them about when I've been in employment. I just didn't link my loans with earnings from paid work- stupid I know and if I could turn the clock back and do a bit more research I would I've made a stupid mistake and now my whole career/future depends on it! I went to uni to better our future and provide for my family and now I face being thrown off the course-if found guilty and ending up with thousands of pounds of student loans debt for nothing. I have a solicitor who has told me not to worry too much but I feel sick thinking about it!! X
  4. Hi all, I really hope someone can give me some advice, I would be so greatful. Heres my situation.... I have 4 children and I am currently on my final year of study at university, on a social work degree. I was the happiest women alive when I got into uni, all i've ever wanted to do is help people I had no qualifications and a difficult past so bettering myself and my childrens future was all I ever wanted. I now feel depressed, manic and made to feel like a criminal - I have never been in trouble for anything in my life and always played by the book. I cant stop crying and ive lost nearly a stone through all the stress so please don't judge me- I cant cope. I started uni in 2011 and was receiving hb and ctb as my partner was on a low income. I genuinely at any point did not think that my student loans were classed as income - how can something that is paid back with interest be classed as an income?? I obviously now know that they are and that I really should have done my homework!! I am in no way excusing it but I was so bogged down with uni work, assignments, family life etc that I didn't even think to check. I had an IUC back in August, I was honest and gave all the information re SF etc, I asked how the benefit is worked out and was told it was a complicated system and I would hear in due course. I then got a letter about a month later saying they have calculated it and I was entitled to full housing benefit, more than what I was getting b4! I was confused but so relieved, then I received another letter a while later saying there had been a £7000 overpayment. I have started paying this back and have agreed that I will clear the balance with the remainder of my student finance payments for the rest of this year and next. I then received a letter yesterday stating that the council are instigating legal proceedings against me, I am absolutely petrified about whats going to happen and the detrimental effect it will have on my course/future career. I know its easy to judge and think this was deliberate but I genuinely was unaware I was doing anything wrong. Also My son has a disability which he has suffered with for 4 years, I know I would be entitled to DLA but have never claimed as I feel it is immoral to receive money just because my job is harder as a parent!! If I was 'out to get more money' I would have never taken the risk (knowing the impact it would have on my future) and would have just claimed DLA! Can anyone please give me some advice on what happens in court etc. Thank you in advance xx
  5. Hi all, thanks for replies They are acting on a High Court Writ on behalf of Howdens. And yes it was in our current address. I have written a letter of complaint to Marstons but not sure if it is good enough :/ dont know whether they will just laugh it off.....is it ok to copy and paste it here and see what you think? Thank you Emma
  6. Hiya, He didn't receive a letter from the court although he did receive one from Howdens threatening court action a few months ago...as he wasn't in work it was easier to ignore it and deal with it once he was earning again. Next thing we got was the Marston letter. Do you know if there's any truth in the Sheriff statement? Or is this just scare tactics?
  7. Hi, I am new to all this and desperate for some advice, any help would be greatly appreciated. My husband had an account with Howdens last year, he used it to buy materials for a job he was doing which totaled around £450. Following this he had no work and could not afford to pay the balance off, he contacted Howdens and explained the situation. Then 2 weeks ago a man knocked the door and when i opened it he asked for my husband, he wasnt here so he handed me a letter to give to him. The letter had Marstons on it and a Writ from the high court with all sorts of fees on and total balance £1,140. I phoned my husband at work and gave him the mobile of the officer to call....he phoned the man and explained that he would clear the debt off over the next 3 months, Mr Andrews said he could not talk about it unless he had a reference number (we now know he didnt need one) anyway my husband got the ref off me and then attempted several times to contact Mr Andrews back, left messages and had no reply. 4 days ago I am at home when someone starts pounding on my door, shouting. I was terrified!! The door was locked and I did not move from the livingroom, I had a good idea who it was!! He kicked my door (there is a dent in the door to prove this) and was trying the handle. After several minutes they put a letter through and left. The letter was the same as before but costs were now £1,287 and the bailiff was now Mr Wright. I telephoned the office and said my husband had been waiting for a reply from mr Andrews so why has another visit occurred? they explained that we would have to contact the new officer and that they could not do anything. I telephoned Mr Wright and very politely explained the situation to which he said "its not my problem I want full payment" after repeatedly telling him we have 3 small children and cannot afford it he said if we did not get £500 to him by Friday he would be back with equipment to break into our home and take our things. We offered £300 and installments of £100 a week (not that we can really afford it) he wasnt having any of it so we tried to sort it out with the office!! in the meantime I checked out Mr Wright, who is not on the certified register....when questioned he got very defensive and put the phone down. We asked the office, who said he was a certified high court enforcement officer and they did confirm that he had no right to threaten to break into our home. The office accepted our payment arrangement and everything was fine, or so we thought!! My husband phoned the office Friday to pay and was told it was not accepted by Mr Wright, the gentlemen he spoke to also said that he wont be on the register because he is a sheriff and does in fact have the right to break into out home??? Sorry about the essay just wanted to get as much in as possible.....any advice on the matter would be greatly received Thankyou in advance Kind regards Emma x
  8. Hello, how do I post on this forum (sorry if i'm imposing on this thread) i'm new to all this, in desperate need of advice regarding Marstons Thank you in advance Emma
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