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  1. Hi, this bailiff has failed to respond to my request for more information, as advised above. What should I do next?
  2. Yes she had been dealing with them, she had an agreement to pay them, but had missed a month. She still says that they have never had access to the property though, so I am unsure how they have done a levy. She does not have a car, the shed belongs to the housing association and had nothing of value in it. The bailiff have now told me a limited amount of information, the dates of the charges. They levy fee and attendance fee were made on the same day. I have written to them requesting all the detailed information above. I have done this by email as they don't have my address, so I hope that they are obliged to respond to emailed requests too, and not just written requests. On a related matter, the original debt was £135, plus £90 in "court costs", which I think was just a liability order. I have read in the process of dealing with this, that the council are only supposed to charge £3 for a liability order. Is this correct?
  3. Hi, I dont have any details of dates and I don't know if there was a levy on goods either. My ex partner says she never let the bailiff in the house or signed anything if that helps.
  4. Hi all, I hope somebody can help with my situation. I have received an email from Goodwillie & Corcoran saying that I owe them money from an old council tax debt. This debt was incurred over 2 years ago when I was in a previous relationship. From the breakdown of charges, which I requested from them, the total debt in the beginning was £225, there are now added fees totaling £182 on top, less £88 my ex had paid, therefore £319. I have never received any liability orders from the council and a bailiff has never visited any property I have lived at, but I was aware of the original debt. I therefore have a few questions: 1. can the bailiff claim those fees from me as they had never visited me? 2. Are those charges excessive, given the amount of the original debt? 3. Can a bailiff even claim anything from me personally as I had never received the liability notice? 4. If the council do take the debt back and cut out the bailiffs, is the amount due £225 less £88? The breakdown of the fees are: Visit Fee 1 - £24.50 Visit Fee 2 - £18.00 Levy Fee - £29.50 Attendance Fee - £102 Debit Card Fees (£2 x4) - £8 I cannot find any information online about what a levy fee is As an FYI - I had agreed with my ex she would settle this debt as I had cleared all the others when we split, and this one popped up a couple of months after the time. When she told me it had gone to bailiffs I agreed to pay my half and had wired her over £100 already before becoming suspicious and asking for a breakdown of what was left. She has now done a runner, hence why I guess the bailiffs are turning their attention to me. Please help Thanks in advance Chris
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